the ending to a wonderful encounter  

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the ending to a wonderful encounter

She withdrew him from her and turned to kneel in front of him to lick the juices from him. She slowly took him into her mouth and began sucking him firm as she flicked her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. He began moaning as he wrapped his hands into her hair and began making a motion steady with her mouth so that he could pump deeper and deeper into her throat. She sucked him all the way down to the base of his shaft making the juices begin to raise once again inside his shaft. She felt him tighten as she didnt wanna waiste the cum he so badly wanted to release into her throat. She slowly stood up and led him towards the bed and notioned for him to lay back on the bed. She stepped up upon the bed and straddle his hard cock, she sat down almost upon him as she took his head and pushed it into her passed her swollen lips. He loved the way her pussy felt as he watched his stiff hard cock slip into that lovely tight wet pussy. She took him slowly so he could see himself indulge in the feeling of her moistness and the excitement that grew inside of her as she began thinking in her mind how she would fuck him good enough to make him the man that would give her what she needed. She loved sex in all its fashions and glory and never could seem to get her fill especially in the spring, her pussy kept reminding her it was empty and that it needed and wanted to feel a man inside of it fucking her over and over again making her cum as she made hot passionate love to him. She slowly began stroking the length of his cock in and out of her allowing him to see himself being tamed by that bare snatch with the tight hole and fat locked lips around it. She prided herself on her ability to work that pussy and make a man want her all the time. She rode him sternly and took him from the tip to the base of his shaft inside of her before grinding hard upon the tip of his rigid cock. He loved that feeling and felt himself respond to the feelings of her beauty and hewr ability to work her pussy all over him. He had a starry look in his eyes as he laid there before her being fucked like a champ and barely able to maintain his composure, he knew he didnt wanna fill her full just yet. She was a woman on a mission, one to be fucked and fuck til she came and was completely satisfied. She knew she wanted to whip that pussy on him and train him to be the lover she would have at any moments notice. That pussy of hers was treated like it was the most important thing in her life, she worked her muscles and made sure it was in top form. She knew that she had to be satisfied therefore she made sure that any man she came upon sexually would fall in love with the way she could work it and make them cum. She slow stroked on his cock for a while as he laid there and watched that pussy tighten around him as he went deeper into it, he moaned and enjoyed feeling her tightness and control. She began fucking him harder, saking him if he liked the way she made him feel. MMM baby is all you could hear as she smiled at him as she licked her lips and fucked him harder digging her nails into him and forcing her pussy upon his cock harder and tighter watching the look of exctasy come over him. He raised uip to grab her erect tight nipple and put it in his mouth so she cupped her hands behind his head and pulled him into her breasts as she worked her pussy harder down his shaft and on the tip of his head. Each time he sucked hard her pussy would twitch and convulse enough to suck him deeper into her. Squeezing him hard then releasing him somewhat, he began to want to pump her harder and harder, she let him hit her hard and deep as he wanted for a few minutes but she knew she had to regain control over him. She released his head and let him lay back as she stood up just a little and raised herself up to where the head of his cock was just inside of her , she began jerking up and down on his cock jacking him into her as he couldnt believe what she was doing to him, it felt so good with her wet hands running the length of his cock and jacking his head in and out of her before him. He loved watching her skill as she was determined to fuck him her way and make him like it so he would forever be her partner any time any place she needed him. She slowly began lowering herself back onto his cock deeper as she held his shaft. She would take it and rub it hard against the inside of her pussy, making him experience how she felt and what she felt like. He would learn to remember this pussy just by the mere thought of her. She began hopping up and down on him like a frog fuckin him hard and making him grow very stiff and about to explode. She would wait til she felt the cum bubbling in the base of his shaft and she would pull him out and rub the tip of his cock back and forth over her hot swollen clit making a flicking sensation before allowing him to return to her. He moaned in delight as she was there upon him deliberately fucking him making him feel like a king the whole time she was in charge of his cock, her pussy, and his ability to cum inside of her but not until she was ready to let him do so. He was near the point of cumming when she grabbed him by the base of his shaft and pulled him from within her. She raised up turned around and stuck her wet tight pussy and her shinning asshole there in front of him before lowering herself down upon him again. He watched as she guided his hard cock back into her pussy, he saw as her tight lips parted and he worked his hard shaft into that tight hole before him. He moaned and smiled as he shook his head in satisfaction. Little did he know she was about to give him a treat from her he had never had before. She began slowly lowering herself upon him until he was half way inside of her. He could see how her tightness pushed hard against the ridges on his shaft and he loved seeing this lovely pussy all over him. She started riding his cock faster and faster as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back against his body harder and harder making the cum wanna shoot from deep inside of him. She took her hand and grabbed his and placed his finger upon her clit with her hand and had him fingering her with her as she rode him making her clit rub hard against him causing little bursts of juices to shoot from her onto the tip of the head of his cock. God he couldnt take much more and she had came on his head enough to make him good and wet so she decided it was now or never so she removed him and rubbed his wet cock against the crack of her tight ass and got it good and wet with their juices. She slowly backed down on his cock as she held it it in her hand , parting her asshole with the head she gasped and took a deep breath and allowed him to enter her. THere he was watching what he never thought would happen unfold in front of his face. He took his thumb and wetted it and bared down on the shaft to help edge it into her. She moaned as he held her down and entered her slowly taking his head into her virgin ass he thought he was gonna cum. He reached between her legs and rubbed her clit making her juices release and easier for him to begin slowly pumping into her. Once her juices were going and she was wet enough she regained controll of him and began stoking his cock into her tighter ass. He moaned and raised his body into the air so she could take all of his thickness into her. She was bucking on top of him now and he was in heaven feeling the one spot he never thought possible of fucking, and damn she felt good there too, her pussy was tight and she knew how to use it, and that lil puckered ass was gonna be one new ground breaking experience for him to indulge in as she whipped it on him too. She had one more trick in mind as she slowed down and reached to the side of the bed and pulled out her pink jack rabbit viberator. She raised herself up to the tip of his head and placed the vibe into her swollen pussy turning it on slow so the balls inside of it would twist and the base would viberate slowly. He could feel the sensations taking place next to his shaft that was now going back and forth in and outta her asshole once again. He reached down and took the viberator and held it as she sat there and rode it and his cock too..He couldnt believe what she was doing. This was the best fucking he had ever had and he had seen a side of her he never thought possible. He fucked that pussy good with the vibe as she worked her tight ass upon and down on his cock, he thought he'd take it up a notch and turned the ears on the rabbit so they would viberate her clit. BIg mistake as she reached a estatic level and began bucking and fucking him and biting her lip moaning and groaning louder and louder, she would squeeze her asshole tighter and tighter as she would release one orgasm after another on him. He couldnt stand it no longer and He held the viberator firmly in one hand and grabbed her by the hair with the other and forced her down all the way onto him causing her to have a hard orgasmic jerk and as she did he lost control and shot deep hot load after load into her tight little puckered ass releasing a groan like none she had ever heard....He had been whipped by the power of that tight well worked pussy and that little puckered hole he never even thought possible. He knew he had to have her over and over again, she knew she had fucked him the way he needed to be fucked....only problem was, would he let another man fuck her at the same time as he did??????

kyplowboy22 63M

4/8/2006 11:52 am

Sizzling hot, kid! Thought you quit us here, haven't seen a post lately. lol Glad your back at it again. later



4/10/2006 9:56 am

oh hun Im here just havent been around as much as Id like. Since my old man is back home it kinda puts a damper on shit...we're working on keeping it together but hell who knows..take care sweetheart chat soon.

JaggyRelitTabby 51M
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4/10/2006 12:49 pm

Way to go love your post sorry to hear about your old man puting a damper on things

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