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7/4/2006 11:57 am

You follow me to my car. It's pouring rain, I open my passenger door to let you in but, as you bend to get in, I grab you and kiss you firmly but not too hard. Our lips stay together easing the force and turning into soft and slow passion. We get into my car both of us knowing and anticipating our arrival home and to my bed. We hold hands and smile and talk as we drive through the rain.

We arrive home and we are soaking wet our hair is dripping we kiss as we peel off each other clothing, laughing and excited for what is about to come.

You tell me how me how soft and sweet smelling my damp skin is and it’s driving you crazy. We caress each other standing naked together.

I kiss you. Kiss your lips, your neck, your cheeks, your hands your belly and back to your lips. All the while I am exploring and caressing your strong hard body. I smell you and taste your skin.

You slide your hands down the curve of my back, you cup my ass to bring my hips to yours. I moan.

We continue to kiss. We rub our bodies against one another and you kiss my breast.

You get on your knees and we are just about eye leave. I put my hands on your hair and kiss the top of your head and you bend into me and your tongue finds its way between my warm thighs lightly licking my trimmed, wet pussy. I shutter and you thrust your tongue as deep in me as you can. My nipples are rock hard my skin is hot my face is flush. I throw my head back.

You lift me up onto the bed and I spread my legs as you continue to thrust your tongue in and out of my vagina. I raise my hip up to meet your willing tongue. You devour me completely. Your lips and tongue are all over me. Your tongue thrusts deep into me and you massage my clit gently and rhythmically. Your mouth on my clit, you are relentless. You reach for my breasts and gently at first, caress and squeeze them. You stop only to suck my breast and lightly bite my nipples but soon you are back to sucking and licking and kissing my pussy nonstop.

I am moaning as I cum over and over again. I am begging you to stop and I am begging you not to stop. My pussy is dripping. You thrust two fingers into my pussy, massaging my G spot to orgasm. You take your wet fingers and slowly slid them into my ass, making me cum even harder.

I finally push you off me and onto your back.

I kiss you hard tasting myself on you.

I begin licking and kissing you all over your stomach and move back down to your thighs.

You are pulsating with hardness. I slide my hands over you and look at you as I glide my tongue underneath your shaft. As my tongue teases and licks the red, almost purple tip, I lightly flick the tip of your cock with my tongue. Then I take all of you deep in my mouth and you taste wonderful. I can taste your sweet salty pre-cum. I suck you softly up and down and cup your balls with one hand and tease your ass with my other hand. You moan with desire.

You can't take anymore or you will cum. So I lie on top of you and kiss you hard and deep. Our naked body’s enjoying one another, skin on skin.

Then you roll me over and spread my legs. I take hold of your ready to burst cock and place its head at my sopping wet opening. You push just the head of your cock in me slowly and gently and start moving it in and out. With each thrust, you go in deeper. We are both moaning and panting and sweating.

You grab my legs and put them over your shoulders, bring us closer.

Now you start thrusting hard and deep. Hard and deep. Faster, faster, harder, harder.

You don't want to cum, so you slow down.

Your thrusting turns into slow gliding in and out.

You suddenly pull out; spread my legs and start licking and sucking on me again.

You flip me over, and enter me from behind.

You grab my ass, squeezing it and pulling me back and forth controlling the thrusting.

You’re going cum so hard but you want to look at me when you do, so you pull out again and turn me over. You slide your cock right back in and you start fucking me hard and fast.

You reach over slide your hands underneath my back and lift me with you still inside of me.

My legs are so tight around you and squeezing you hard. You find my mouth and cover it with yours. As you fuck me standing up holding me, you can't take it any longer and you explode.

I can't believe how much cum. It won't stop. As you are cumming, you shove you tongue in my mouth and I start to quiver as I cum too.

You finish cumming, but you can't stop thrusting in and out of me.

You lay me gently back on the bed as you slowly glide your still hard cock in and out. I bend forward and we kiss.

We hear the rain out side the window and tenderly yet, with the lustful passion still from our sweaty bodies we lay in each others arms.

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