Lick, lick, lick Tania,  

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3/7/2006 1:32 pm

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Lick, lick, lick Tania,

I love to lick you all over Tania,

First I would shower you off,
Lay you on my bed and give you a nice rub down with your favorite lotion or oil,
Then lay you face down and give you a slow back rub, and then I would slowly start to lick you from your neck- down your spine, sending tingling sensation down your back and helping to relax you at the same time.
I start licking with the tip of my tongue and also soft kisses down your back. Slowly I work down your back building up momentum with slightly longer and smoother strokes. I continue the slow long strokes, helping you relax and horny at the same time. By the time I work down the small of your back and further, slowly down your arcs and between your legs, which is dripping wet with anticipation of what’s to cum.
I spread you open and taste your wet pussy in my mouth and happily lick you all over, even your tight butt hole. As I lick, you beg me to slide my finger into your hot wet pussy and finger fuck you but I take my time, making you beg.
However I relent, and I slowly finger your beautiful wet pussy and let you lick the juice off my fingers. As you get more worked up I lick your arce with my tongue, slowly flicking my tongue, then I lubricate your ass with your pussy juice and slowly insert my finger in your acre and watch you in extacy. I work your ass and I let you suck on my dick to get it hard so that I can slide my big dick in side your beautiful, wet, and ready pussy while finger fucking your ass.
After a while you are so horny, you grab my hard cock and ask me to put it in your ass. Slowly I slide the head but it so tight, and you scream in extract, and yet you still back in, and beg me to fuck your ass.
From behind, I slowly fuck your ass, as I grab on to your waist and pull you back slowly and thrust in to you at the same time. This full fills your wildest imagination and your longing to feel full. You start to enjoy it more and more and cry as I fuck you harder and harder. And when I feel your legs tightening and you shaking, You scream you are coming, it makes me hornierand takes me to the next level and we come together; I feel your whole body quivering as my legs go week, like the last breath of a man who can not ask more from life. We lay in bliss, in the moment, lost in our own universe, drugged by sextacy. As we gather our thoughts we talk about life, importance, meaning, and make plans to do it again, knowing that it was a one-time thing.
It’s a moment in time, never will there be the same, there can be better, but never the same. =)

Thank you Luscious One for inspiring me to write, these moment are far to far in between.

If you enjoyed it love to hear you acknowledge it, if you thought it inappropriate, forgive me, and chalk it up to experience.


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