A little consideration plese gentlemen  

rm_Kraythi 43F
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9/20/2005 3:40 pm

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7/4/2006 5:48 pm

A little consideration plese gentlemen

It was a saturday afternoon and i was looking for a friend to fill me up and get me off. After about only 5 minutes of searching i found someone to come over and 'play' with me. Wonderful, or so i thought, just to start i gave him a blow job to get him nice and hard and once he was there i climbed on board and started to ride him, it was a good fit, not too long but thick enough to feel 'him' inside me, i was starting to get wet and asked him to flip me over so that i could feel him deep inside me and with a little encouragement i got him to do it just a little harder, now i was getting warmed up, my juices were flowing and just as i could feel an orgasim "starting" to come about he was done. I sat on the bed while he cleaned up and then, to my surprise he put his pants back on and was out the door and i was left there to finish by my self, but before leaving he asked if this was going to be a regular thing and if he was welcome back again. I might have been a little blunt, but i said only if next time i get to go too! He apologized and said that he was pressed for time, which is something that he did not mention earlier. I guess what got me is that i told him that i was hard to satisfy, i have had a lot of deep penetration and it takes me awhile, but like most men they think they can handle it and get me off quickly. I don't know if this is true for all women but it is certainley true with me, when i say i am hard to satisfy and will take time, or multitple times of you going before i do, I mean it. So the point to this is Guys, i know you just want to get off, but so does she. Otherwise she would not have invited you over in the frst place. So show a little consideration and make sure she has gotten what she wants too. And i am sure that most men reading this is thinking to them selves OHH that would never happen if I came over, but this was not just a one time thing it has happened in the past, and most likely will continue to happen. It might just be a one time thing that you see this person, or not but both need to be satisfied before you leave. Trust me when i say that thre has NEVER been a guy that has left my presence with out cumming first, But i want to too.

rm_Intent2842 73M

9/23/2005 7:36 am

Dear Kraythi,

So you are not getting off during intercourse. This is not at all uncommon - up to 70% of women cannot climax through intercourse alone; you need additional clitoral stimulation to put yourself over the edge. You need to get your clit involved.

One way to do this is to change the way you are having intercourse. Try new positions that allow your clit to be accessed for manual stimulation. You can fuck doggie style; that way he can hit your G-Spot while you message your clit, or lay with your butt scooched down to the end of the bed while he kneels upright on the floor and enter you from there. Then either you or he can message your clit while you're having intercourse.

If you like vibrators, you can use one on your clit, which will virtually guarantee orgasm. Or you can also experiment with positions that line up your pubic bones in such a way that you can get clit stimulation by grinding against each other. Keep in mind that this kind of grinding and rubbing, rather than pounding, thrusting penetration, is more likely to help you climax.

Another solution is for you to teach him how to use a cock ring with a clit stimulator attached. If the idea of him putting on a cock ring is scary, don't worry - the kinds I'm talking about aren't bondage or S/M toys. They're made of soft, super stretchy material (jelly, silicone, or Cyber skin) that fits safely and comfortably around the base of a man's erect penis. On the top side of the ring is a nub, bump, or ridged protrusion that aligns with the clitoris during insertion. Many of these devices incorporate a tiny vibrator to increase stimulation, which will also feel good to your clit and his cock. Try one out and see if it doesn't elevate your intercourse to new levels of pleasure for both of you.



rm_Kraythi 43F

9/23/2005 7:57 pm


It is not that i can't get off during intercourse it is the men that have come over don't seem to care if i get off. I need it longer than they can last, there are times that i have gotten of just from intercourse. Plus i have tried many positions over the years and i do know wich ones work best for me, it i just a matter of them caring enough to get me off as well.


goodluv4u2njoy 50M

9/25/2005 5:01 pm

I really bad that you've had to endure selfish pricks. I thought it went without saying that fuck buddy etiquette required mutual stimulation and ejaculation--mutual being the optimal word. If you have a guy and this happens more than once [and I mean more than once] do not--DO NOT--give them a third chance. If you're that good, then you deserve to get as good as you give. Again, my sincere condolences!

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9/25/2005 5:49 pm

i dont think you should give them more than one chance if they wont do what you want to satisfie you then you shouldnt satisfie them its verry unfair, I for one care if my partner has a good time it gives me plesure to see them cum,they allways seem to ask 4 more any way,you r a verry sexxy lady and you should have no trouble finding guys to do you rite and make you cum i know i would make you cum but im to small for you iv only got 8"but youd know id been there.
P.S.even my other half thinks your sexy.
by by john hope you get it sorted

rm_mac1215 46M

10/17/2005 12:39 pm

I agree with you. I always want to get the women off. That is the whole reason I love sex. I want to see you squirm after you cum. If that guy was me I would have used my mouth or asked for some help to get me back up. Then we would have been back in business. I hate selfish people

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