How the Media Shapes Our Thought  

rm_Kozlenok 54M
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8/14/2006 10:54 pm
How the Media Shapes Our Thought

Well, peace has finally settled lightly upon the Hezbollah/Israeli conflict. Provided the U.N. can provide a stable yet effective peace force in the south of Lebanon. Provided the radicals on both sides of the line don't decide to take advantage of the situation. Provided that Lebanon lives up to its end of the bargain and provides a defense force in the south of the country. Yeah... my thought exactly, I give it 2 weeks before it blows up again.

And yet, in all this mess, we have lost sight of a few things. The media reports only the "sensation of the moment", which is the peace deal. In a few weeks, it could be the conflict again. Then Iraq casualities, Iranian nukes, Korean insanity, or whatever is the flavor of the day. We, the media watchers, just take for granted that the most important flecks of interest or concern is given to us by the almight news organizations or pundit spewing media darlings. The fact is, we pass the news through our gray matter without a strainer to catch and hold the crucial bits.

So, yes, peace is declared. And here we are, thinking, whew, about time there is peace. I'm glad that isn't escalating into a messiness not worth getting the world into a World War III (believe me, some media outlets were floating this idiocy, perhaps in order to make it so? yikes). But they, and thereby we, forget what this whole thing was about. Two Israeli soldiers still being held captive in Lebanon by Hezbollah. Noone seems to mention it anymore. Are they just swept under the proverbial rug? For that matter, what about the push into the Gaza Strip, or what about the other hostage soldier there? All tossed aside like bad lettuce. And we simply absorb the moment as reported by the media and expect that is all that remains of importance in the greater scheme of the world stage. Again, I thank goodness for the internet, where I can look throughout many publications, news reports, and concerned individual bloggers to keep me up to date with ongoing events. Still, the denseness of the media never fails to astound me...

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