Welcome to Delta  

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2/1/2006 12:51 am

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Welcome to Delta

Let's get right to it tonight...

As the busses pulled to a stop along the curb of our new "Home" for the next 4 months, We saw all 9 Drill Sgt's standing by, eagerly awaiting our arrival. As the doors opened, we all hurried to get our stuff together and get off the bus, but we were cut short by the emergence of 1 lone Drill Sgt. We'll call him, "Drill Sgt Chizel". He was about 5'8", very lean in appearance, and had one of those ear to ear smiles going...

"Goodmorning Privates! Welcome to Delta Company! We have a reputation of training the best the Army has to offer. We have a lot of good, fast paced, high-speed training to go over with you in the next few months. But first we have to get you all settled in; assign your bunks, weapons cards, linens and your training Platoons. Of course we'll be stopping for lunch, and most of today will be a lot of standing around. Easy day for you Privates! Hopefully, at the end of your 4 months with us, you'll be faster, stronger and smarter than you are right now." We were all so relaxed. This guy was cool. And we even started smiling back at him, and thinking how much fun this was going to be...

"With all that said Privates." As he placed his arms across the doorway to the bus, "YOU MAGGOTS GOT 10 SECONDS TO GET OFF MY BUS!!! MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT!!! LET'S GO LADIES! OH MY FREAKIN GOD, YOU SLOW ASS DIRT BAGS ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IN COMBAT!!!" Etc. Etc. Etc.

They ran all of us to our Company area, where they screamed, yelled, be-littled, trash talked and over all screwed with us mentally. I couldn't even tell you how many grown men I saw break down crying. All I can tell you is, you didn't want to be one of them! They were verbally attacked even harder than the rest of us.
This event is lovingly called, "Shark Attack".

Now I won't get into all the details, but one of the things we had to do is dump out all of our gear for a "Contra-Ban" inspection. (Things your not allowed to have.) Well, they had mentioned something about what types of cans you were not allowed to have for shaving cream, but I didn't hear it. So, I put my hand up to ask for clarification. (Big mistake in hind-sight.) My first encounter with "Drill Sgt Frown" we'll call her. She was all of 6' tall, lean, and had a generally unpleasent disposition. I asked her for clarification, and was told that I must be some little suck up! "Brown noser. Gots to do everything right is that it?" (Anyone who knows me, would laugh to no end at that. Because I have NEVER been one to follow all the rules.) So, it was at this point I got my Army Nickname, "Your soft, like some kind of cheese ball. You're my little Cheese Puff Private! I say Cheese Puff, you say Yes Drill sgt. You got me?!?!?!" And so it was... I became, "Cheese Puff".

Day 1 taught us a lot on it's own. I couldn't even imagine how much we'd learn by the end of 4 Months.

curious082385 32F
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2/2/2006 12:27 am

Having many, many friends who are in the military this sounds like a very familier story. Personally, I have to wonder how the Drill Sgt's keep a straight face while yelling at you like that. I wouldn't be able to keep from bursting out laughing. Good thing I have no fantasies of becoming one, huh?

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