The Price some pay...  

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1/28/2006 12:30 am

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The Price some pay...

HI! I'm back! Of course! And I still have one active Reader! So... ::BIG SMOOCHES:: to her alone! Quick question, anyone seen the movie "Spanglish"? I just saw it tonight, and am left with one serious dilema... Why in the blue hell didn't Adam Sandler run that woman down?!?!? I won't spoil it for those haven't seen it, so go rent it and watch it! With that said, let's get this chronicle going...

It was late spring, I had just gotten my second semester grades; not good at all; but what can you say when you're trying 18 credit hours of college and working 50 - 60 hours a week? I worked Armed Security at the time, and was just getting to work. The site was an apartment complex with a park across the street. We had benches out front, and every day there was this little old man sitting there. I had asked the management about him, and all they knew was that he would show up around 3pm and leave around 8pm. He didn't live there, but he also never bothered anyone, so they left him alone. On this day, I made my first patrol of the complex, ending it right next to the benches. I said "Hi" to the man, but he seemed to not even notice me. Just as I was starting to think he was deaf, he started talking. Not really to me though, his eyes were fixed on something in the park, and he just started talking. This is what he said...

"I had just turned 18 when I got engaged for the first time. My high-school sweetheart. ::sighed:: Then this man over in Germany, well he decided he didn't like some folk, so he started killing them. Well, we couldn't sit by and watch that happen; so just a week before the wedding, I joined the Army to go and kill that bastard. Made some really good friends, and watched most of them die over there. When I finally came home, my girl had married some other guy.
So I found another one; married her, and we had my son together. Well, a little while after that, we had a problem with these Korean people. Had to go and deal with them. Now I didn't have many friends then, just men that were like sons to me. Watched a lot of them die too. Came home, and that one had left me too! ::Smirked:: And abducted my Son!
Well, I did what any good soldier would do in that situation; which ended up getting me another woman, and a daughter! Then they came to me, and asked me to lead some boys over in this Country called Vietnam. I told my wife I was going, and told her it was okay if she wasn't there when I got back. More boys died. And yes sir, she was gone when I came home.
So I met another woman. Decided the Military and wives don't mix, so I resigned. And wouldn't you know? All the wars stopped! (Turned towards me) ::Smiled:: Maybe it was me! ::laughed a little:: Yeah, but she left me too. Just last year. Some cancer or something. Just ate the poor woman up."

With that said, he stood up, still staring into the park. I noticed the tears in his eyes as he turned towards me again. He pointed into the park, at the flag pole in the center. He looked up at the American flag flying high, and said...

"Yeah, it's still worth dying for."

With that, he gave me a smile, and walked off. We never saw him again.

That fall, I moved home to New York and met my second fiancee. It would be two years after that fateful day, that I would decided to join the Military.

All through my time in Service, when things got hard or overwhelming, his last words would echo in my head. And I would look up at the flag, and keep pressing on.

If anyone reading this happens to know of a man, who served in WW2, Korea and Vietnam, and lost 2 wives to service and 1 to cancer, please do me a favor...

Tell him I said, "Thanks. Thanks for everything."

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1/28/2006 4:31 pm

This is the kind of post that deserves a beautiful return comment, but I find myself unable to find the right words.
My ex is in the military...I spent five years supporting him, being the one waiting behind the scenes for the planes to bring him home. I've watched couples under the pressure of the military and it's trials...some pull together and are stronger for it, some just can't handle it. As difficult as it is, through all the waiting, all the worry and the danger, all the pain of is a life of humble nobility and heartfelt honor. There are very few things in this world that are worth dying for...but the protection of what you love and believe better reason then that.

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