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HI! Back again are you? I'd be bored silly by now myself. But since you aren't, we'll continue!

So at 2am, on a early Fall morning, I find myself checking in to a reception Battalion in the south. Now, for those who don't know, these Battalions for new recruits get you all set up. You get all your shots and inoculations, full medical and dental screening. You get all your uniforms, boots, equipment, that sort of stuff. There are, what we called, "Wanna-Be" Drill Sargeants yelling at you. Meaning, they're Sgt's who haven't been given the Honor of the patch and brown round. (Brown Round = The smokey the bear hats.) And we met our first Drill Sgt! This guy, was a riot! The whole thing seemed like a vacation to Club Med. And we all became very relaxed, and couldn't figure out why so many people fail out, and tell horror stories about Basic. This is also where I met a guy we'll call "Buddy". He was from Boston, and had a heavy accent. Nice enough guy, Irish Catholic, and just as much of a smart-ass as I am.

The first Drill Sgt. First day we met this guy, some kid had locked his keys inside his wall-locker. So the Drill Sgt. is giving us his rules and conduct policy, and makes the statement, "I like to keep all my meatballs in one bowl. Speaking of meatballs, where's the idiot that locked his keys in the locker?" Now on the surface, not very funny. But his facial expression just made it the funniest thing we had heard in nearly 2 weeks. Later, when he came to cut the lock off, the man walks right into the room, takes a deep breath, and declares, "IT SMELLS LIKE ASS IN HERE!" Guy humor I guess, but we were all laughing ourselves silly. He was our first look into Military life. The man just inspired you. He was calm, controlled, you couldn't read his emotions at all; he didn't laugh at anything, but he always had a smart remark to fire back with. And, he was respected. The one "Wanna-Be" was harrassing a group of us on our way to lunch. That Drill Sgt. came over, calm, cool, controlled; got right in his face and asked, "You not getting any ass son?" - "I'm trying to figure why you keep bothering my troops. And all I can figure is that you must not be getting laid." Now, try not to laugh at that okay!

The day came. We were called by name and service number to report to the formation area with all our gear. It was an odd time. We were all relaxed, but at the same time, we felt as if our whole world was about to change. When asked about the feeling, this is what I tell people... "Imagine being on a beach, or whatever you envision as paradise. But you know that someday, you have to die. That voice over the speaker, is like the voice of the grim reaper, calling you to leave." Well, that tone would be set by the parting words of our Drill Sgt.

"Oh my. You kids are going to Delta Company?" Shook his head, removed his Brown Round and wiped his forehead, replaced his Brown Round and looked at us wide eyed, as if HE was scared! "I know your Senior Drill Sgt. He's a damn crazy man. Sits on the roof of his house and howls at the moon. The other day, I saw him chewing on the bark of a tree, like some wild animal. I said hi, and he just growled at me. He's an Army Ranger troops. Hardcore to the Core. They say the last Private that crossed him, still hasn't been found. Asked the kid to take a little walk with him, and came back alone." As the busses pulled up and opened thier doors for us to get on, he backed away from us and said, "Goodbye Troopers. It was nice knowing you."

As we loaded onto the busses, we all felt very nervous about what was going to happen next. The drive began, everyone talking, freaked out about the whole thing. I turned to "Buddy" and asked if he was alright. He looked over to me and said, "I think I need to change my drawers." "Me too man, me too." Was all I could think to say.

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