WE...a continuing story of two people...lovers throughout time...  

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1/20/2006 8:00 am

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WE...a continuing story of two people...lovers throughout time...

Part I - she sees him...it begins again...

HE turned....and as his gaze fell upon me...flowed over me...the heat of passion's pleasures remembered...anticipated....stirred to life again...deep within me. Even though separated by several yards..I could feel the warmth of him...the span of his attention directed at me.

I preened in his notice....while pretending to ignore....but knew I could
not...did not really want... to hide...escape...his slowly wakening desire.
The ghost memory of strong hands, touching...caressing...bringing
forth...gasps...moans...from my fevered...wanting body...aaahhh. So...we are to meet again...in this life time...as in many others. There is no thing but that we will dance again. *


mnowl 63M

1/20/2006 6:19 pm

I have seem her before. Each time I have tried to time my passing with her presence. Each time I wonder if she had noticed me watching… wanting. I can feel the desire build in me, my heart pounding, my penis… pulsing. Knowing it is lust right now, her beauty pulling me in, her playful recognition teasing me. I want to reach out, feel her body pressed into mine. Follow the soft round curves with my hands as I explore her and feel her shudder with excitement as it grows within us. But it will be another time as she is out of site, but not out of mind. And I know something greater is growing.

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1/20/2006 7:52 pm

For so long...life had just seemed to happen around me...as though I was not really there. The seasons came and went. I walked from one to the other as though in a dream. Now...it was the spring of the year. Mother earth was wakening ...to the warming of her lover...the sun. The gentle colors...sounds and scents of the countryside cushioned my loneliness.

In this time and space it was I who remembered first. It was something about the way he moved..the tilt of his head...the slow deliberate movements...his proud..strong walk. I remembered him from many lifetimes past...sometimes lover...sometimes husband. At times fulfilled...complete...and then there were those lifetimes of heartbreak when we were torn assunder. Now that I had seen him....in this re-immerging of our souls...my heart ached with longing.

I reached out to him with my mind..searching...hoping for his recognition..his knowing of me.
As I approached him...my pulse beat faster...it's rhythm pounding in my ears. The sights of the street around me seemed to recede into the distance...the sounds muted. The one thing remaining and sharpening in focus was the man....the man who held my heart over timeless centuries. His fine hand tipped his hat as I came nearer. Was that a flickering of knowing in his eyes? His voice thrilled through me....his hello brushed over my breasts...erecting my nipples. My hand was tempted to reach....to caress the sculpted face. I would wait...I was used to waiting. I could feel his body turn. His glance touched me and I could feel the wetness begin between my thighs. His eyes warmed my back... my hips....as they followed my passage. It was as though each cell of my body remembered and cried out to him. I forced my feet to continue in their path. I will wait. He will come to me. *


mnowl 63M

1/21/2006 8:01 pm

Timed had passed… I had lost track if it was a day or a year. My mind is confused with thoughts of her, of recognition, of knowing but not knowing. I notice her approach. Today wearing a black and white dress, the top form fitting, full breasts with nipples evident through the blouse, her skirt flowing, swaying from side to side resting on hips that are hypnotic as she walks. Hair shimmering in the sunlight... such beauty, such confidence. Her shoes are 3” heels with ankle straps… the kind that beg a man to look, to dream, to fantasize. And I must be fantasizing for my mind tells me “we” have never met before but my heart, my heart in overdrive is telling me something much different. How can I feel this way if we have never me? Every day, every hour she fills more and more of my conscious thought. Finally I had the courage to say something to her… a simple hello, a grin as we pass. The desire within me is overwhelming it is coupled with the belief we have touched before, made love before, argued and felt pain before. But how? Where? When? I would have remembered. My groin seems to know as it throbs knowing what is passing by longing to be surrounded by her wetness, her mouth… her vagina.

As we pass so close her fragrance fills my senses my memory. I turn, this is ridiculous. I must know what is driving me so hard. I reach out to her but reality yanks me back. My friends grab me by the arm reminding we have a meeting in minutes. I don’t care, but others depend on me. Next time, there will be no hesitation, nothing to bring me back. Nothing to hide the mystery.

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2/8/2006 11:43 am

The sound of my own moan woke me from yet another dream about HIM. They had become increasly erotic since I had actually seen the man a few months ago.

However...the dreams were something I had lived with since childhood. At first he had appeared as a child also...maybe a couple years older than me. As I got older he also appeared to be older. My dreams became erotic when I was about 13 years old...having reached puberty about then. I could see his body...the scar on his left knee...and the injury to his thumb...acquired when he had been playing some kind of sport in school. Now...when I had these dreams...after waking..it was as though I could feel his presence in the room...they seemed so real.

Today...as I bathed...I lingered longer than usual..It was Saturday...so I had the time. The bubbles surrounded me with the scent of jasmine. I closed my eyes and molded my breasts...pinching the nipples as I imagined his hands moving over me. As I rubbed my clitoris...it was as though I could feel him within me...moving slowly...stirring me deeply. If I could orgasm this intensely...just thinking about him as I touched myself...I knew the reality of him would be powerful.

I dressed with special care in a bronze colored dress..a close match to my skin tone. I carefully applied my lipstick...slipped into my 3inch..."come fuck me" heels...grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

My excitement grew as I walked the few blocks to toward the cafe. Coffee and brunch would be a nice treat. Suddenly I knew the source of my excitement. Today...was THE day. There would be more than just a passing hello. He and I were going to meet. We would go through the standard social amenities and then...


mnowl 63M

2/12/2006 6:00 pm

Waking, the tent which men many times wake with is blocking my view of the window. The dream was breathtaking to the point where my penis aches. If it is possible to have degrees of hardness, I am steel this morning. I throb still with the lingering thoughts of her, of her tongue and what it has done to me in the night. The old sport injuries which normally visit first thing each morning seem inconspicuous to the feeling in my groin.

Time to get ready for the day… somehow mysteriously special in anticipation. No more holding back, no more apprehension… today if, when I see her, I will approach. This damn State… what is it about Minnesota ranked second in the nation as being hard to date. It is so true. Are the women more standoffish, cautious, prudish…? I do not know. As usual, we men prepare for rejection. If nothing else, it would take down this enormous, and what seems to be, perpetual erection.

I shower and dress as normal… depending upon my mood that day I sometimes wear briefs, sometimes boxers. Today… briefs to hold my penis in check. On the outside, khakis slacks, my good Allen Edmonds shoes, subtle brown with blue accents cashmere sweater, and a blue Polo dress shirt… classic look, comfortable fit. I still remember that night in a Friday’s where a friend and I handed out cash to women wearing “fuck me” shoes… 3 or 4 inch heels with ankle straps. My friend has nearly had more than one car accident looking at billboard ads with shoes like this pictured. His shoe fetish is getting out of control. But most men understand… the heels accentuate the calves… and the straps, the slender ankles. That night proved to us that the shoes reflect a woman’s attitude… ergo, “fuck me” shoes.

Out the door I head for the local café. Somehow I have the feeling she will be by. I have my book with me and no friends as boat anchors… no excuses. The thoughts that go through my mind again engorge my penis. Tasting her wetness, licking and biting her nipples until they reflect the hardness in my cock, having my hand up her skirt in public places with my finger buried in her vagina…. only the beginning. God, I do not know her, but already I am fucking her. I have never known desire such as this. But then again, there is that lingering thought that I somehow already know her, have known her from another time, another life? Is karma real? Have we all lived before? Interesting, but never put much stock into those beliefs… until now.

The café is jammed. Sometimes I hate the cattle call with open seating, but today I am in luck as a couple leaves close to where I wait strategically positioned so I can easily see all who enter. Sitting I allow the waiter to clear the table and order my typical Latte with a shot of sugarless vanilla. With hope, maybe clairvoyance I order a second, but a skinny latte, decaf, also with sugarless vanilla. I figure she is more health conscious than I and if my feelings do not come to fruition… I can always drink the second cup. No sooner has the waiter delivered the lattes than she is at the entrance. My heart rate immediately kicks into overdrive, the adrenaline flows like sugar to a kid giving me an immediate high. My penis once again achieves the steel erection experienced as I woke. She is searching for a place to sit, a friend, me? With all the places to sit occupied I do not hesitate. I am up crossing the short distance to her before anyone or anything can interfere. Her dress is perfect… alluring but not sexy, a color which reflects her skin tone and shoes… fuck… “fuck me” shoes! There is a God!

I am within a few feet of her and catch the subtle nature of her perfume, Clinique Aromatics. I would know that fragrance as far away as Cleveland. It slows my approach as I absorb its full affect on me. In the next instant our eyes meet and we are held motionless in time… there is no one around us… just light penetrating our souls. She smiles at me brining me back to reality. I must be smiling as well, I have no idea as I say, “I have your coffee… come with me.” Reaching for her hand I am amazed as she accepts and hand in hand WE head for the table, for our future.

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