WE.. Are The Biggest Buck Passers of All!!  

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6/6/2006 7:32 pm

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WE.. Are The Biggest Buck Passers of All!!

Here we are complaining folks..dissatisfied with our Congressional representatives. We talk about how they refuse to take responsibility for their actions..how they pass the buck of blame from one to the other.

Well..when it comes right down to it..WE..the taxpayers..the citizens..have passed the biggest buck of all. We think once we vote for our representatives..it absolves us of responsibility for what happens in the country..and what they do in our name. A true democracy demands that we participate. If our leaders don't do right..it's our responsibility to speak up and speak out and hold them accountable. Some of us have spoken out and continue to do so..most of us haven't. They work for US..We..the people.

We should ask ourselves..when's the last time we called our congressman or representative. When's the last time we sent an email to them..to let them know where we stand on the issues. It's been awhile for me..how about the rest of you? As the saying goes.."the squeaky wheel gets the oil".

I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat..an Independant.. or one of the other parties out there. I don't care if you consider yourself to be a liberal or conservative. Pick one issue and be what a citizen should be..active in our democracy.

I present a challenge to those of you who read this blog..this post. The question/challenge here is not a rhetorical one.

I challenge you to come back with your comment.

In that comment

1. Give the name of your state.

2. Give the name(s) of your U.S Senators and Representatives.

3. Write the issue that you called/mailed/emailed them about. (It's not necessary to say where you stand on the issue..unless you want to..but keep it brief).

4. Put in what day you called..mailed or emailed them.. to let them know where you stand.

If you can take the time to complain..or rag on someone else for their opinions..then you can take the time to do this. In other words..PUT YOUR ACTIONS WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.


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6/7/2006 6:50 am

I think it's wonderful that you cared enough in 2002 to write that letter to your senator. Now..how about today?


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6/10/2006 7:53 am

It's wrong to issue a challenge and not be willing to do what I challenge others to do. So...here's my list..the issue I took on..and my method of contact and when.

List of U.S. Congressional Reps from Minnesota

U.S. Senate
Mark Dayton - Dem
Norm Coleman- Rep

U.S. House of Representatives

Gil Gutnecht - 1st Dist
John Kline - 2nd Dist
Jim Ramstad - 3rd Dist
Betty McCollum - 4th Dist
Martin Sabo - 5th Dist
Mark Kennedy - 6th Dist
Collin Peterson- 7th Dist
James Oberstar - 8th Dist

My issue of concern is the proposal by the appointed head of the EPA to allow testing of pesticides on pregnant women..newborns..toddlers and other children. Although there was a moratorium placed on this..it seems that the pesticide companies are lobbying strongly for this to be allowed.

Barbara Boxer and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla...had held up the confirmation of EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson..until he promised to cancel a pesticide study on infants in Florida. Over the study's two years, EPA had planned to give $970 plus a camcorder and children's clothes to each of the families of 60 children in Duval County, Fla., in what critics of the study noted was a low-income, minority neighborhood.

I telephoned the offices of both Senators from Minnesota back in February of this year. I also sent emails out to friends..informing them of this issue..and encouraged them to contact their representatives as well.

Martin Sabo..5th Congressional District..is my Rep. I had called his office in February of this year and spoke with one of his aides..regarding the issue.

Friday..does not seem to be the best day for calling these offices. So I will call again on Monday, 6/12/06 and speak with whatever staff aide is available. I want to know where this issue stands..at the moment..and what actions the senate and house plan to take to prevent the EPA from allowing this testing.

These are the blog posts that give information about this issue:
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