The Story of O...revisited  

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The Story of O...revisited

ยง I've never been into sadism or masochism...but I return to this book again and again. It's the most famous/infamous undergroud novel of the past century. I ask myself...why is it that I keep coming back?

"The Story of O" was first published in 1954. It's about the ultimate objectification of a woman. Sadism...masochism..domination and submission..are the themes. The "O" stands for object...orfice...hole.

The story is a fantasy. A woman...a Parisian fashion taken to a chateau. There...she's turned into a sex slave and gives herself up to the sadistic fantasies of her lover...Rene'...his friend...Sir Stephen and the other anonymous members of a secret sex cult. She is chained...whipped...blindfolded..and taught to be constantly available for oral..vaginal...and/or anal intercourse. "O" willingly accepts the status of slave as a way of proving her love.

She receives further another the hands of a woman..who brands her..pierces her vaginal lips and inserts a chain of ownership through them.

There are some who speculate that the story is based on fact... and hint at secret societies that are devoted to carnal knowledge..and whose lineage dates back to the 19th century.

For forty years the author of "The Story Of O" remained a mystery. But it has since been revealed that it was written by Dominique Aury...who used the pen name of Pauline Reagea. Aura was a well known literary figure in France. She was 47 at the time she wrote the book. She was in her 80's when she confessed to being the author.

The book was banned in several countries. The French authorities even brought charges of obscenity against the publishers. Those charges were rejected by the court. But a publicity ban was imposed for a number of years.
"The Story of O" has since been made into movies..and in 1992 was a Brazilian..10 episode mini-series. It has been translated into over 20 languages and has sold millions of copies the world over.

The sexual exploration...the gratification of sexual and sensual something that obviously many people...women as well as men...seem to find facinating.

I find the "Story of O" to be compelling...exciting...arousing...while at the same time disturbing...even repulsive. The thought of a woman being treated in such a way...chained...beaten...branded...sickens me.

But the rest...being every possible way...and being helpless to do anything about it... Well...I suspect that there are millions of other women out there...who react the same way I do...imagining themselves in some of the erotic scenes described so vividly.

I have a theory. While it was felt by many...that such a book could only have been written by a man. I believe just the opposite...that it could only have been written by a woman. Who...but a woman would know and understand...what parts of a woman can be most vunerable and the complexities of her feelings that would allow/prompt her to be placed in such a position?

I find myself aroused...whenever I read "The Story of O"

I guess as long as the human race is...there will be those dark corners that exist in the psyche.


MaggiesWishes 61F

1/29/2006 7:06 pm


WOW!!! Very powerful. Great post, too!
Is this book, still in circulation, somewhere?
I'm sure it would be a wonderful read.

I think, could be very wrong, there is a little submissive part in all of us women, deep inside. Some are just better at it, then others.
I may even venture to say ... it takes a very good trust in that male partner, to go somewhat further in our submissive sensuality. Yet, to be "just taken" in ways there would be pain or humiliation, is probably more than this "southern girl" could stand to think about. Altho, history would hint that "southern women" are somewhat submissive to the male needs in all aspects of the male needs, as it stands.
I have no clue why, other than the culture of it all.
"Please your man cause, he's the "Master" of your house."

I'm still gathering information, just a slower child (most often, more losted) then most here.

warm wishes

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1/29/2006 11:13 pm

Maggie...'s still in print. I got my lastest copy a few years ago. I checked before responding to your comment here. They still have them. You'd probably also be able to find it at other book stores as well.

It effected me quite powerfully. But when you read this understand that this is something the main character chose...she agreed to become the slave of her lover...and by extension the slave and plaything of every member of the cult.

This book effects me strongly whenever I read it. Like I's exciting...yet disturbing.

Let me know how you like it.

kiss ♀


cumseeme4fun4us 61M
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1/30/2006 2:00 pm

An excellent thought provoking, emotionaly arousing and exciting, as well as spiritually evoking, and intriguing post you have presented in your blog. The dances of desire for domination and/or submission are often, openly seen, in the dances of many different cultures. These types of stories are read by many, although often secretly, as many people do not wish to openly acknowledge a side of themselves that which they see as weird and/or unacceptable by others. Yet our deepest, darkest, desires may be played out in many ways. One possibly safe ( or perhaps I should say safer ) way to explore the acceptable boundaries of these desires to "take" someone ( for your own pleasure ) or to "be taken" by someone else ( also for your own pleasure ) is found here in blogland/cyberspace. This is sometimes a safe/safer place to play out these desires/fantasies and to discuss the possibilities of acting them out in real life with someone that we trust enough to take us to an exciting erotic and exotic edge, bring us just over this edge,to a earth shaking climax, and still remain around long enough that we don't feel pushed off a cliff and left alone to face the unacceptable, and undesireable consequences. I know both men and women who want to be dominant or submissive all of the time, and some who want those roles only some of the time, and of course some who are comfortable switching back and forth from time to time. To deny that we have such desires, is to miss out on many joys and pleasures, but we must carefully choose who we share them with and how we go about sharing them. Reading about the erotic stories can be safe or scarry, satisfying or sinful, it all depends on your point of view. But opening yourself up to new experiences, whether seen, heard , or touched, gives you the chance to explore, express, and discover more of who you are inside, and then decide how much of that side of you that you will share with others. Good luck on your journey. I would like to read more from you. By sharing what you did here, you challenged your own boundaries, and those of others. I commend you for that. Blogland needs more people who have your courage.

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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1/30/2006 3:57 pm


Thank you. When you have the time...take a look at some of the other postings on my blog. Some are poetry...but there are also other topics...that are important in some way to me...and I hope others.


mnowl 63M

1/30/2006 8:49 pm

“O” my. The total submission of a woman… erotic as can be, but only as a diversion and not as a ritual. Somehow I enjoy the mutual interaction, the touching the grasping of each other in tandem. Me sucking the woman as she is me. Or while deep inside her playing with my balls as I play with her clitoris. Joint satisfaction.

There are deep dark wells in all of us. That is why the id, the ego and alter ego are a balancing act. Lose one, and you are out of balance. In “O” the woman is taken out of balance and her ego and especially her alterego are lost while she is driven by her unbridled id. Operating purely on instinct, survival being the basic instinct, we may do almost anything… and she did. As Freud explained…
• the ego being the organized conscious mediator between the internal person and the external reality.
• the alterego being the internalization of the conscious extenuated by rules, conflict, morals, guilt, etc.
• the id being the source of psychological energy derived from instinctual needs and drives.
Sexual energy can also be driven when looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy from the most basic step, physiological: hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, etc. through all ( steps until you reach “self transcendence”. Not going to go into that now as it is almost a full course in psychology.
But submitting yourself to another takes you high into Maslow steps as far as your inner being is concerned. The most basic step of bodily comfort is overcome through cognitive thinking and the realization of ones self. By trusting in another, giving ourselves over to another is and can be most erotic and is driven by the mind exploring new horizons as we grow. Many can be held back by being unsure of themrselves. Let it go… explore all the openings… all the openings and know what you have avoided.

kiss... as you can see, took the other route

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5/4/2006 8:29 am wonders if Kiss would suggest it for the book discussion group......

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