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The picture here is a scan of a bas relief plaque I saw a few years back in a "new age" shop in Chicago. I was there visiting my daughter..and saw it. She had lived with my interest in history all of her life. She bought it for me..as a gift for my birthday. It's one of my prized possessions.

It is a representation of Quetzalcoatl..the serpent god. Although most references to this god..describe him as nothing other than a myth..tales handed down by word of mouth.. research..indicates that he was a real figure in antiquity. The Mexican Quetzalcoatl is depicted as having black skin..black beard and long flowing white robes. He is said to have had helpers..who came with him..sailing from his home across the sea.

Quetzalcoatl is credited with the invention of advanced mathematics in that part of the world and the calendrical formula the Maya used to calculate the date of the end of the world. It is said he introduced agriculture..the working of metal..and masonry. He stopped the practice of human sacrifices and was known as the god of peace. He is described as a great doctor..with a master's knowledge of herbs and medicines.

The cult of Quetzalcoatl..grew..as he is said to have returned. But..it is more than likely..that it was different visitors..not the same man..since there were trade routes..to the Americas..much traveled..by the Africans. Christopher Columbus documented in his logs..the presence of Africans here..upon his arrival. Research has shown more than coincidental similarities between the Aztec..Mayan..and Egyptian cultures..as well as other African cultures..among them the Mali and the Mandingo.

Hollywood has helped to foster the image of the terrible flying serpent..and the belief that Quetzalcoatl is nothing more than a fable..a myth.

Reference: "They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertima


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I loved that, the name and the history, the fact that he stopped human sacrifice. I see why you love it.

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5/13/2006 7:07 pm

There has been so much wisdom from the ancient world that has been lost, destroyed, twisted beyond recognition.

In my front yard is an Indian ruin over 1000 years old...the Hohokam ("those who have gone"). They were contemporaries of the Azetcs and the Mayans. They were part of a trade route that ran from the Yucatan all the way through Mexico, into Arizona (where I live) and on into Colorado.

When the Spaniards invaded Tenochitlan, runners (who covered 50 miles a day) spread the word north.

I unearthed a stone ring in my yard one day. Beautifully crafted. No one has any idea what these were used for.

It's like we humans have to learn some things over and over again. And there's always the "new and improved" variety of civilization that comes along, tears down the old, demonizes the conquered, rewrites the myths, and builds their monuments to themselves and their hubris.

Some day maybe they're going to find Mayan glyphs on the moon.

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I didn't know anything about this person. Thank you for sharing this with us (the trade routes between Africa and India, China, etc that existed before the Europeans came and seized the routes by bombing the crap out of east Africa, are much more well known here)!

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Lianna..good morning to you...
Thanks for stopping by. Yes..the name is like music when you say it. (phonetically..it's pronounced..'kits-oo-kwa-til')Obviously..the telling has been shortened here..but is so very fascinating.

Hello Punt..hope the day finds you well.
Wow..what a gift..to be able to live next the such a site! It's criminal..isn't it..what we do so often..with treasures from the past?

It wouldn't surprise me at all..if they did find those glyphs on the moon. There are several ancient cultures..that tell of their ancestors coming from distant worlds. There is an African tribe that had knowledge of a star system..before it was discovered by western astronomers.

Hi Free...how are you feeling these days?
And did you get your bed rest..like the doctor ordered?

There's much we still don't know..but there is also discoveries that have been made and covered up..or the information changed to suit the "powers that be".

Good morning Dusty...
History is fascinating..isn't it? Personally..I think there have been civilizations in the past..that have been as advanced..possibly more so..than our own. And I agree with you..one of the best words in the language is 'why'. I also like the word HOW.

Hi Dys...so glad you stopped by.
The plaque really is quite beautiful. People comment on it often.

Dragons..hum. If you notice..most cultures have stories of dragons. I think they're an indication that humans and dinosaur's existed together on the planet in the distant past..and that humanity is much older than scientist believe.

If I've inspired other re-tellings of history..how wonderful..I'd love to read whatever you write in that regard.


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Oops..Hi Takethemoney...
Sorry I missed you. You say it's too deep for you? Wade on in..you just might know more than you give yourself credit for.


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5/15/2006 9:36 pm

Thank you for your comment.
It is a strange experience to sort of be chosen to allow things to come to light to be shared about the past...kind of like the keeper of a gate...
There is so much magic in the world. And so much negative energy.
I often wonder how many times people find the Light, only to be smashed down, left in ruins.
An interesting thing about the Hohokam...they had a multicultural society that covered hundreds of thousands of square miles in the Southwest, and went something like 800 years with no evidence of war.

They built a city where Phoenix is now, that had hundreds of miles of irrigation canals (some of which are still in use) and that had a population around 250,000 people in 1100 AD...in Tucson they had a city of 25,000 people...these are populations that weren't again reached in those areas until WWII.

And then around 1400 they vanished...their cities fell into ruin...and no one knows exactly why.

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5/15/2006 11:23 pm

Hello Punt...

I think rather than writing it all out here..I'm going to suggest that you look up the Washitaw Nation..and read about it. The United Nations recognizes them as the the oldest sovereign nation in the Western Hemisphere. Their homeland extended over millions miles of what is now the Southeastern and southwestern and some of the northern parts of the United States. Their burial mounds can be found in various states of this country. They are several thousand years old.

In the 1400's..the pope..issued a decree..after the "discovery" of the New World by Columbus..that the "Children of Ham were to be enslaved where ever they may be found". This was directed specifically at those here in the Americas..not Africa. These people..were rounded up and sold into slavery..along with their brothers and sisters..stolen from Africa..and their lands confiscated. That's why their cities were deserted.

In 1991..after a long battle in the US courts..the Washitaw Nation..gained back a small portion of their homeland. Look up information..on that court case as well. I'm sure..what you read..will shock you..Punt. There are Spanish and French documents that also contain information regarding the Washitaw Nation. I would suggest that you visit the negative as well as the positive sites. Weigh the pro and cons.


puntachueca 106M

5/17/2006 8:55 pm

Thanks. I will look them up.
You have a great array of knowledge.
Are you a Washitaw?
There is big debate going on in these parts as to whether or not some of the current Indian tribes are descendants of the Hohokam..and recent evidences suggest they are.

One of the desccendant tribes ... the Tohono O'Odham just settled favorably a water rights battle against the Americans that was in the courts for 31 years.
I was involved in the case right after it was filed in 1975.
The chief told me how "my people had lived peacfully along the river for thousands of years and then the Spaniards came with their God preaching "love thy neighbor". And then the Americans came with their God preaching "love thy neighbor as thyself".
"But you people stole our water. You people killed our trees. You people killed our fish. You people turned our paradise into a waste land. You are not very good neighbors".
And then he handed me a memo they had gotten from my city's files showing how the city had decided in 1950 to drill wells right down the boundary of the reservation and suck the place dry.
I took that memo to the now city leaders and made them read it.
That city was the first to come to the table and offer to settle, give the tribe their water back, and become good neighbors.
It took another 30 years for the rest of the predators who destroyed the tribe's water and lands to make peace and accept being good neighbors.
I had the privilege of sharing the celebration of the surviving tribal leaders after the final settelement was signed last week.

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5/18/2006 7:00 am

Good morning Punt..

I don't know if I'm Washitaw or not. I do know that one of my great grandmothers was a pure blooded Native American from Oklahoma. I have looked up the primary tribe in that area..the Cherokee. And there most likely are many African Americans walking around..who are descendants of and part of..the Washitaw Nation..but have no idea of this fact..or for that matter..who the Washitaw are.

By the way..I neglected to mention..the Vatican's duplicity in all of this. The Catholic Church was guilty of helping to set the stage for..and participating in the genocide.

There is a method...First come the missionaries..to give the image of a god..in the image of the conquerors..this prepares the minds of the people. Then come the soldiers..to subdue..the people. Then come the merchants..to control the economy and enslave through commerce. Then come the masses of the conqueror..to absorb or obliterate the identity and to take the place of the people. These are the methods used..time and time again throughout history.

Your involvement with that court case sounds fascinating.


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