Ok..I'm just rambling here..if it makes sense..fine..if not..hey..whatever...  

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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4/7/2006 2:45 pm

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Ok..I'm just rambling here..if it makes sense..fine..if not..hey..whatever...


Been very preoccupied lately with myself. While this is a good thing to some extent..could get to a point of being too self obsessed.

True..have been working on health issues. But also been focusing a lot lately on the physical appearance. The yoga is good..deep breathing exercises..hatha..etc. But I used to pride myself on not being too hung up on the physical. Had been thinking of cutting my hair again and going back to wearing it red. But now..I'm thinking I'll stay with the black. That's my natural color..with the addition of some gray hairs. But henna will take care of the grays.

Jeez..such mundane..boring thoughts. But..ya know..yesterday..during a thunderstorm..my internet modem was fried..had to have that replaced. The cable guy came today and replaced it. At least I don't have to pay for it.

Tax time..has me tied up in knots. I'm going to end up owing Uncle Sam..feels like I've been mugged by the government..and butt fucked..without lubricant. (Did you know that if you dig deeply enough..you will find that the USA is really a corporation..and that most of us are not really citizens? We don't even own shares in the corporation..in spite of the fact we've been paying into it with our taxes? I don't remember ever..voting to pay taxes. Perhaps I should ask for a printout of just what my taxes are paying for. Do you think Uncle Sam would be able to tell me? I doubt it.
I just know I seem to be paying more..and getting less. What's up with that?

Had made a promise to one of the other members here on the site..to give some info about a health matter. Almost finished with some research..so will be posting that shortly.

In the meantime..I'm just rambling here. Think I'll go have a late lunch and a hit or two or three. Catch y'all later.


KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/7/2006 4:17 pm

Nice Pic!

Ah, the UNITED STATES corporation! So you know about that too!

Then surely you know where "your" taxes go. They go to pay down the interest on the alleged "debt." That's all they pay, and they sure don't pay it all down.... meanwhile.... "Our" government is borrowing more and more. In your name! But what's a few Trillion "dollars" among friends. After all... We owe it to "ourselves!" Right? (err... not exactly!)

The worst problem is when new generations come along and don't see anything wrong with the above because the way things are is all they know.

Ah, freedom. How can you be free when you don't own anything and can't own anything? Inquiring minds want to know.

"Allodial" property? What the heck is that?

"Alienable?" as in "inalienable" or "unalienable!" Alienable means transferable to another... (like, maybe they use a "lien" to do that, eh?)

Infringe? As in a right that "shall not be infringed." Hmmm... makes me wonder: "just what Rights are being infringed?" The answer is... all of 'em!

Well enough of that! I'm Sorry for rambling all over your other post like that, Ms. Stuff

docdirk 49M

4/7/2006 11:15 pm

You even find a way to make rambling entertaining and rewarding. Your voice writes well. Oh, and about the hair, my vote is dark and long. For what it's worth. Not that any look will do you harm!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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4/8/2006 4:04 am


Oh...are you just now noticing that you rant on the blogs. Why apologize now after all this time?

I'm kidding of course. You're obviously passionate about your beliefs. Nothing wrong with that.

How ya doing Doc?...

You just may be tested on how much you mean that about my ramblings. I seem to be doing it more. I've been watching more TV lately...not good. It's fulfilling it's purpose...distraction from more important things. I have this feeling it's going to suck my brain out and leave me a babbling idiot. Well...just a phase I'm going through...surely.

Thanks for the compliments.


ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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4/8/2006 4:42 am

i agree with you, the dark hair color is very good no T word i am holding out till crisis time sinks in, like next saturday. . .it just doesn't feel right to do them any sooner. . .i'm hoping to break even. . .

RevJoseyWales 70M/67F
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4/8/2006 10:32 am

Keep the hair black and long, Kiss, definitely. As for the rest, welcome to Geoge Bush's Amerika. Trickle down theory is just another way of saying getting pissed on. Just remember, The Revolution Will Not be Televised. Take a hit in our name. Joe

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

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