Just One Of Those Days..  

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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5/17/2006 4:35 pm

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5/19/2006 5:00 pm

Just One Of Those Days..

Ever have one of those days. You feel uninspired..no energy..just wish the day would end. If you could..you'd just go back to bed and pull the covers over your head?

Well..that's where I'm at. Yup..my ass is dragging today. Won't reach for the bottle..not a good habit to get into. No leaf on hand..damn..damn..damn. So..will just keep on working til I feel I've done my duty and can log off and go find something to feel better. Reading..sometimes helps..or watching some sci-fi..or a non-sensical comedy..maybe there's some erotica I can get into. (Well..porn) Will have to check my library.

Anyway folks..hope you're all feeling fine and bushy tailed..as they say. Will see y'all tomorrow. Have a great night.


angelofmercy5 60F
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5/17/2006 5:26 pm

Thats the cutest dog picture! Everyone has days like this!

Nightguy_1961 56M
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5/17/2006 5:33 pm


Not a problem...we all go through burn out from time to time...take time for yourself...and relax and recharge...

NG61...fading back into the shadows...

RevJoseyWales 70M/67F
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5/17/2006 6:27 pm

Bushy tailed? OMG, they're after you too! Damn, I just knew that blog would get in into trouble! Watch South Park, Daily Show, get a few giggles. Damn shame about 0 13. Play that as a 3 digit. I'll pass cybernetically. Joe

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digdug41 50M

5/17/2006 7:18 pm

hey kiss we're entitled to those days you aint missing nothing here believe me ncyalater

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

Sulabula 46F
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5/18/2006 6:11 pm

I have them now and again but...I just take a break for a while

Sula xxx

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rm_cru1972 46M
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5/19/2006 3:17 pm

I'm there with ya

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