Just Because...  

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6/14/2006 3:08 pm

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Just Because...

You reached deep within me
and awaked a part..
that has been numb for so long.

When I thought
I had lost the art
of feeling joy..
you brought the smiles
back to my lips and heart.

The words that come
from your tongue..your pen..
warm me.
You make me feel special.

Your gaze caresses..
and flows over me..
arousing my inner heat.

I feel my soul
moving toward you
as you surround me
with your thoughts
and desire.

Who really knows
why a certain chemistry..
makes magic sparks
ignite between two people.

Let's just accept
and welcome..joyfully..
the fire that burns within us.
Just because.

© copyright 2006 jfc:

Artwork: "Orchids" by Kim Whitesides


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