Happiness is a Choice..  

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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3/20/2006 4:55 pm

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3/24/2006 9:51 pm

Happiness is a Choice..

Watch your thoughts, they become your words.

Watch your words, they become your actions.

Watch your actions, they become your habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Most importantly watch your character,
because it becomes your life.


Just some words of wisdom a friend sent to me..I thought I'd pass them along.


SilkenKiera 39F  

3/21/2006 6:37 am

This is fantastic! I hope you don't mind, but I actually copied it onto WordPerfect and printed it out, I'm going to post it in my office!


rm_starbowler2 53M

3/21/2006 1:22 pm

HI kiss, Are you still in minnesota ? Hope you had a good weekend,do anything exciting?? I was home the whole time in a f'in cast.Oh well, I read that 2nd entry that you wrote about raceim and it is such a wasted thing to be.......we were all put on this earth by the same god,why can't we all just live our lives and just except people for who they are and not the color of thier skin? It is just sad that we still talk about that.I see the person inside,thats all I see.Well, I hope you have a great week and I will talk to you later -ken

NSAAddict 43F

3/21/2006 2:08 pm

This is excellent,thanks for sharing!

rm_cru1972 46M
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3/21/2006 4:56 pm

Great post everyone needs a little reminder once in a while. Thank you.

KarezzaMagick 66M
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3/21/2006 5:04 pm

Fantastic? Excellent? Yes, but also true, as I recently discovered, much to my dismay. Luckily, I was able halt the chain reaction before it progressed past the "words" phase, but it was still a rude shock when I noticed I'd been sucked into that trough...

rm_goddess1946 107F
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3/21/2006 9:58 pm

absolute truth..and thank you for the re*minder! xo

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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3/22/2006 5:29 am

very true .... ~nodz in agreement with Goddess~

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