HIS-STORY..My thoughts..and a poem..  

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6/4/2006 11:57 am

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HIS-STORY..My thoughts..and a poem..

I've shared the fact that I belong to this site with a few people..mainly my daughters and a couple of close friends. One or two caution me..that I should keep some things to myself..in terms of my beliefs and observations regarding certain topics.

However..I believe that sometimes..you need to bring things into the light of day..talk about them. One such area of caution deals with what I see happening in our communities..to our children of color. The things that I see taught in our schools..the attitude of some of the teachers..the inability of some of the parents to know and teach otherwise..and how some of this steals..the dreams..and possibilities from the minds and souls of many of our kids. Our country is paying a high price in the loss of what many of our young ones could accomplish..if things were other than what they are. I've been around long enough that I've seen some grow up into bitterness..stricking out..at a society that has told them they are nothing..that they don't matter. We have already lost generations..to lives of hopelessness and under accomplishment..sometimes to prison..and to the early death for many.

I was lucky..in that early in my life..I came across a neighbor..who taught me how to search the history..and find the truth. This man..opened a whole new world of possibilities for me..through my discovery of the glories of the African past..the truth about the Black Race and it's influence on the civilizations of the world. Not everyone has been so fortunate.

Perhaps..it's unfair of me to assume that most of the caucasian persuasion will not understand..that as you sit in the comfort of the priviledged status of your whiteness..that many of you will deny..or try to ignore. However..I do acknowledge..that there are exceptions to the rule. And when I say caucasian persuasion..I refer also to those African Americans and Native Americans..etc..who have been made to feel ashamed of who and what they are..by virtue of what our schools..the society..the history of written and unwritten rules of discrimination..have taught them. (One of my great grandmothers was a pure blooded Cheyenne from Oklahoma.)
As I reminded someone..in the blogs awhile back.. it's the winners in any war..or conflict of cultures..who write the history..and that history is written to make the victor look good.

While some..have become stuck in the view of looking at African Americans..Native Americans..etc..as victims..I prefer to look beyond that..both at the true histories..as well as the current accomplishments..and possibilities for the future.

I raised my daughters to believe that they should let no one other than they themselves..define who and what they are..and what they can have or accomplish. Anytime someone..in any way..tries to discourage or denigrate them..they have learned to look to the motives for such attitudes and actions. They know that they should never give in..to someone else's fear.

There is a scene in the series..Roots..based on the book by Alex Haley..where Kunta Kente's father holds him up after his birth. There is the panorama of the universe..the trillions of stars in the heavens..spread before him..and he tells his child.."Behold..the only thing greater then thyself".This..is something I firmly do believe.

"The Miseducation of the Negro" written by Dr. Carter G. Woodson..a Black educator and historian..gives a famous quote from that book..and perhaps some understanding of the damage to the psyche of a people.

"When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his "proper place" and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary."


The conqueror stands..
his foot upon the throat
of slain civilizations..
of people who came before.
We are rediscovering
the stolen glory..
the twisted truths.

He lies restless
in his arrogance..
the gaze of the murdered legions
further freeze his withered soul.

He has re-written history
to raise himself.
The words of assurance..
first whispered..
then more boldly shouted..
tauted to each other
to reassure and comfort.

The wisps of smoke..
that comprise the mirage
have begun to drift and shred.
And as has happened..
in many ages past..
time turns back upon itself.
The first shall be last..
the last shall be first.
And the meek shall inherit the earth.

© 2006 jfc:

The photo: Dr. Carter G. Woodson


digdug41 50M

6/4/2006 6:00 pm

WHOOOOOA this is like hearing rightstarter by public enemy for the first time it blew me away and made me think....and research whats what good post kiss caylater

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RevJoseyWales 70M/67F
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6/5/2006 5:18 am

Then you raised your daughters well. One day posts like this will be outdated. Intil then, kep 'em coming. Joe

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"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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6/5/2006 5:23 am

Much of African history is indeed hidden, and when I tell people about some of the great civilisations I know of they deny it absolutely and expect me to be able to cite references off the top of my head, then and there. However, I would say that black and white children are equally uneducated about the truth of their world -- growing up under apartheid, yes "bantu" ("black") education was deliberately horrific, but the education "whites" received served us no better in understanding the world. yes, it taught us that we were "superior", but it also tried (and in many cases succeeded) to make us into unquestioning individuals who accepted the brutal status quo.

education is meant to help people understand their world better, engage better with the world through critical thinking, and explore deeper and further than any one teacher alone can cover.

unfortunately, there are few education systems in the world that do this. instead, education usually means "accept everything you are told at face value", "no need to think for yourself, cos the powers-that-be will do your thinking for you" and "don't go off exploring, cos exploring is dangerous -- the world out there is dangerous".

it really is a sad state of affairs for all of us.

and i don't mean this to imply that the world is not a racist place, because clearly it is racist. i have mentioned before the unthinking comments people make about Africa in blogland. Africa is frequently represented in international media as a place of starvation, brutality and ignorance. undoubtedly some pretty crap things go on here. but no one seems aware of the fantastic and innovative approaches poor African countries use TODAY (not just history) to deliver to the best of their ability to their citizens, most are unaware of ground-breaking research done by Africans about Africa and prefer to refer to what western governments have to say about the continent. People also think Africa is just rural villages with wild animals roaming around, etc. when actually there are numerous cities with millions of people living in them, with many (if not all) of the amenities you would find in a first world country (including, god help us, KFC & MacDonalds).

This ongoing and deliberate creation of a picture of Africa as totally rural and barbaric is clearly a sign of ongoing racism and ignorance.

(and despite my skin colour, i don't think there is much of "caucasian persuasion" about me either.)

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rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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6/6/2006 1:57 pm

Thanks for stopping by. Glad it made you think.

Welcome to my blog..and thanks for your comment. Yes..Gypsy..sterotyped and shut away into a little box..like many others. I hope you've found your way out.


1. Belonging to a class that enjoys a special privilege or privileges.
2. Entitled to or exercising a privilege.
4. A conviction or belief
5. A form or system of belief

Privilege is not restricted to physical wealth or the exercising of power..based on wealth. It also involves a permission or right to avail oneself of something..that is restricted to others. I am well aware of the fact that most whites in this country work..some very hard to make a living..and that many live in poverty.

Both..class discrimination and race/color exist in this country. Discrimination based on race/color...is a part of the documented history of this country as well as it's documented present. It is a reality..not a figment of a collective imagination of a people who have experienced it.

The "Jim Crow" signs of the south..did not say rich only...they said "Whites Only".

The many thousands of black men who were castrated..burned..hung throughout the decades..were not murdered because they were poor...it was because of their race and color. Voting was not denied to poor whites..but it was denied to blacks..rich or poor.

Recent studies show that this discrimination is still evident and effects every aspect of life..housing..employment..education..health..etc.

The times i've been called a nigger..was not because of my class..it was because of my color. The recent post I did..where I cited the incident on the bus. The little boy didn't ask..why are poor people here? He asked "why are Black people here?"

Caucasian PERSUASION..'However..I do acknowledge..that there are exceptions to the rule. And when I say caucasian persuasion..I refer also to those African Americans and Native Americans..etc..who have been made to feel ashamed of who and what they are.'They have subconsciously succumbed to the propaganda of the superiority of the white race..and have sunk into self hatred. Some such people have been known to treat members of their own..more harshly than whites do.

Not all white people believe themselves to be somehow superior to others. Therefore..they are not of the the caucasian persuasion. I still say to you..if the shoe doesn't fit..then don't put it on.

Glad you stopped by. Always appreciate your comments.

I always look forward to your visits and comments. Hopefully one day posts like this will no longer apply to reality.

Absolutely!. White children suffer also..when denied a true education and the truth. There are many different kinds of people in the world. Each of us is richer for the knowing.

I've read enough of your posts to know that you're not of the caucasian persuasion.


KarezzaMagick 65M
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7/8/2006 10:21 pm

Greetings KissMyStuff et al,

The thing to remember about the Northern Europeans is this:We were the first ones to be taken out!

Who done it? Surely you jest...

If you look up the brief autobiography of one August Spies, hanged not so many decades ago for a crime he did not commit (the Haymarket Square bombing), you'll notice that His-Story not only repeats, but it's not for good reason that investigators refer to "modus operandi." (As an aside, I'm sure glad I've installed WordWeb on my new PC here!).

You'll also learn that Mr. Spies "fingers" the guilty party: "poison seeping in from the Rome and the Middle East."

I know you've read that August Spies file, Kiss; I wonder how many others know about it -- even those who fancy themselves politically or socially "aware." Oh yeah, they hateZ us for our Freedumbs! (Har har.)

Now I don't know about the spear chuckers and head hunters in your family tree, but some of the spear chuckers and head hunters in my family tree certainly stood with Hermann the German at The Teutoburg Forest Massacre in AD 9, where they rubbed out the mighty Roman army, cut them up in pieces and decorated the neighborhood trees with arms and legs, probably reserving the heads for better sport.

That's why they call it a Forest, donchaknow... because that's where your Foes Rest (like, for all eternity)!

Edward Shepard Creasy called it one of the Fifteen decisive Battles of ... of what? Of Western Civilization? Ha ho... the naughty Cheruscan tribes were quite a ways "West" of Rome, eh?

Creasy actually said "World," not "Western," but you get the drift... even though some modern spoil-sports claim that battle wasn't all that important because there was nothing to defend up there... "nothing" meaning no huge colossal stone amphitheaters where one might go to see a virgin by a zebra on a Sunday afternoon, and didn't the Romans call the Carthaginians (Hamilcar, Borocar, Hanibaal, Hadriball et al) "barbarians" as well, for passing the occasional infant through the flames! It takes one to know one, I suppose, and what of that nasty semitic hob-goblin who murdered all the first born innocents in Egypt, just so his people could "go" somewhere else to cause trouble!

Anyhow, the Germanic tribes whupped Roman ass and cut Roman heads, including no doubt many Germanics who served in the Roman legions there, as Hermann himself had, back when he was known as "Arminus." But I digress.

Folks can read all about it with a simple Google search, though none will, of course... But there was one thing for sure: the filthy "Roman" poison, was simply not going to seep into the Free North by osmosis! No.

So a poisonous, anti-nature, anti-human mind set was grafted onto the cult of an already pernicious and malovalent Hebrew spook...

Voila! (Or should I type, "Oy Vey?") The end of the West was assured! And basically, we're still feeling it, only now it might well mean the end of the world, or at least TEOTWAWKI (amen).

Folks may pick up the story by searching out the Autobiography of August Spies (pronounced "Spees"), though no doubt, none will.

And there, my dear friend and foxy lady, you have it!

Only I have some of that blood in me, and you probably have some too. In fact, a man named Don Smith, a feisty "legal reformer" (vot an oxymoron, eh?) who used to give the feds a common law enema, pointed out that Blacks with green or light brown eyes tend to be "Resistant," as he put it!

Resistant? What the heck did he mean by that?

Mr. Smith, dead now (and under troubling circumstances) these ten or is it twelve years used the word "resistance" to mean resisting oppression.

So just what am I getting at? You know something? I've forgotten! I think it had something to do with reminding people the allegedly rotten Northen European White People were the first to feel the bite of the culture-distorting bile of that anti-human, anti-natural juggarnaut you mistakenly identify as "Caucasian."

Not so! And "They" (ever see a cult film titled "They Live") needed to get rid of us first, in order to use our resources, and use our harbours as staging sources to take out the rest of the world.

How did they get rid of us? Easy, by turning us into poor copies of Them, then leaving us to take the blame for Them, even though we're not the one's who's every "holiday" celebrates some mass murder or another, generally one perpetrated by us. You'll notice that few of us celebrate (or even now about) the Battle of Tetoburg Wold!

Nevertheless, if you're ever wont to wonderin' about such stuff, you may notice that "We Free Men and Womem of Northern Europe," even while mostly degenerate and Zombi-fied with Middle Eastern Soul-rotting mental disease... we nevertheless gave the world several nifty leetle gifts, things like:

1.) The eight-hour day.
2.) The five-day work week.
3.) The idea of a living wage.
4.) Paiiiiid Vacaaaaations!
5.) Workers compensation for on-the-job injuries.
6.) Retirement benefits.
7.) The basic idea of Rights (topic for a whole "nother" post)
8.) Social Welfare programs.
9.) Etc.

None of these things, by the by, do our Romanized Middle Easternized Mass-ters vant us to have. Nope. And they mean to make sure we don't have them, just as soon as they are "Able" (or should I have typed CAIN?)

Note: Now you begin to understand why I stopped posting here; it was just impossible to get anything else accomplished

Meanwhile, I believe someone has contacted you by eamil, so why not 'ave a look? (!)


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