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The firelight sends a burgundy colored reflection through the crystal wine glass in my hand.
I'm feeling a mellow glow from the potent liquid I've been sipping.

But the feeling you've stirred within me goes far beyond a glow.
My lips are still warm from your kisses.
They long for more.
My breasts feel full..the nipples hard and tingling...they crave your renewed caress.

The memory of your body..hard and firm against mine..makes my breath quicken.
I feel the pulse in my groin pounding.
You have caused the moisture to gather and begin to seep from my center.

The memory of your and firm..within me..brings a moan from my lips.
My body arches and desire floods through me yet again.

I stand up and remove my robe.
I want to be naked for you.
I want you every way and everywhere at once.

I kneel in front of you..between your legs.
I gently spread them your now opened robe.
I lean forward and touch the tip of my tongue to your manhood..circling gently around the rim.
It responds to my ministrations..raising its eager head.
A single teardrop of moisture escapes the single eye.
The skin is like velvet..soft..warm.
My mouth my lips close over the head and slowly decends over the pulsing shaft.

I gently..slowly..suckle your manhood..feeling it throb and jerk.
I reach up and cup the spheres that hold your liquid treasure..squeezing..gently.
My mouth briefly leaves your stiffness to take each by one..into my warm mouth..gently sucking.
I revisit your beautiful hardness again with my mouth.

I stop..when I feel you begin to thrust urgently..before you spill your essence.
I smile up at look down at you rise to your feet.

I rise higher onto my knees..and lean my arms onto the easy chair.
My back to you..I look over my shoulder.
Your stiffened manhood shines in the firelight..still wet from my mouth.
You kneel behind me.
The soft velvet head of your sex probes my wet entrance..slowly..firmly..coming into me. begin to stir me.
My womanhood welcomes you..clenching..throbbing.
Your testicles..slap against my female erection.

Your hands reach around.
One cups my breast..the fingers squeezing my nipple.
The other spreads my nether lips..a finger gently rubbing my clitoris.
I orgasm..and orgasm..yet again.
I love the feel of you..deep within this.

You take your time..spinning out the pleasure. Oooohh...luscious man.
You make me want you..whenever..where ever..however. I'm yours.

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12/17/2005 8:49 pm

Oh Kissmystuff:

To say you have a way with words, is like saying the Mona Lisa is a good painting.

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