Ancient Chinese Used A Part of the Goat As A Sex Accessory  

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5/30/2006 9:02 pm

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Ancient Chinese Used A Part of the Goat As A Sex Accessory

In Ancient China the people used a certain part of the goat as an accessory to increase sexual pleasure. What part of the goat did they use and how? Choose what you think is the correct answer.
The eyelids of the goat were used as cock rings.
They tanned the tail of the goat, stuffed it and used it as a dildo.
The testicles of the goat were dried, then ground and used in tea by men to increase their virility.
Women drank the semen of goats in tea to increase fertility.


rm_saintlianna 46F
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5/30/2006 9:42 pm

I vote any one of those is blah!

AndyUnique 69M

5/30/2006 10:31 pm

Doesn't stuff like that belong on

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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5/30/2006 11:12 pm

I suppose..if you put it that does..doesn't it. But..that is no vote. You crazy woman.

Now WTF? That's no vote either. Another crazy woman.. Two in one night.

Is there a full moon?


rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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5/30/2006 11:18 pm

Hey..if you don't know the answer..just say so.


AndyUnique 69M

5/31/2006 2:18 am

Didn't mean to bum you out or anything. Actually, I voted for the goat testicle tea....Mmmmm Yummy.

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5/31/2006 6:22 am

HJell, if it works I'll try it again. Of course it was the dried goat balls. Joe

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rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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6/1/2006 8:49 pm

Thank you all for coming by and voting and/or commenting.

# 1 is the correct answer. They used the eyelids of the goat for cock rings.


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