~~~Strange~~~.....Whats wrong with some?  

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4/25/2006 5:07 am

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~~~Strange~~~.....Whats wrong with some?

This post is directed at those that have been in VERY long term relationships upwards of 20+ years. I mean your spouse or lover can have some wonderful cock/pussy and be great in the sack but it doesn't change the fact that its the same cock or pussy and sex with the same partner over and over and over . After awhile like a new car it looses its thrill. Is this the nature of the beast?

I do not live in an every thing is perfect world or make things up to make me believe all is well, all the time as i prefer to face the truth in all things. Why do we refuse the wants and desires of our inner selves and listen to what the general consensus says is of whats right or wrong. I'll tell you why its partially respect but more so about not wanting to be different in somebody else's eyes right. Is our morality in whats right in love set by other then us? Ask yourself that question.

Its easy for people that know who they are and more importantly are honest with themselves to answer this. But the truth is there are so few of us around. Just in my short time here i have crossed paths with many potential lovers.. Lovers are not fuck buddies or sexual partners. Can't you tell in a very short time whether or not you deeply want somebody or they want you as they speak to you in an unspoken language in a sense only heard by you and the other person? I can in most instances but very few can.

Now with all that being said you can be married 20-30+ years and thats the only pussy or cock you have had but in truth you want *strange* and you want a taste of it maybe only once or you want strange to become regular but you want it fresh, new and exciting and you always have want for it. People will say no i don't but your lieing to me and yourself.

Now i have had sex with other then my wife but never intercourse and only because of situation time or distance , but I'm certain if i was in arms reach of my lovers i would of without a doubt. That doesn't mean i love my wife any less at all in saying that. It also isn't disrespectful in my eyes being honest with who i am. I'm refuse to lie to myself and say i don't want others.

So some look and read this and say that man *ME* is a fucking whore but i'm far from it. Sex alone does not get my rocks off in itself in fact i need the more emotional, intimate side that i share with lovers as that rocks my world.

Now to my question. Could you first ask your wife/husband this question. Would you like to fuck somebody other then me if i let you right now? And if they said yes would you actually allow it and be secure in yourself after? I've actually told my wife if its what she wanted i would allow it? I've given her permission though i honestly doubt she will ever act on it. I doubt she will give me that offer lol..

But i love her and if she is gonna leave me/fuck around its gonna happen without my consent so why not allow her to have all of what she desires in life even if i can't give all that she needs to her alone? I don't suppose after all i just said any of the ladies here would want me in their bed now would they?

You wanted truth right?

Have a wonderful day!


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