~True love is blind, So we should also be~  

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4/15/2006 5:53 am

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~True love is blind, So we should also be~

Grabs another cup of coffee on this humid Saturday morning as my mind rambles on. This will be my second post for the day.. Thoughts pass through my mind on what LB might taste like riding my chin.. Oops where did that come from. I liked the thought anyways!

When i say true love is blind it surely is. The internet is a perfect place of proof. Many a lover found simply because the internet provides a medium where guess what? People can be themselves with others without predisposed judgement being placed.

A sad fact of our society is attraction or what we consider beauty has been programmed into us since birth. Why were we not taught that the outside isn't as important as the inside. Making love is in fact 90% mental and 10% physical yet why do we place so much interest on the physical.. Well the truth is that anybody that knows anything about love and lovers doesn't.

For me you could be a supermodel but if you cant communicate intellectually even on a spritual level with me then my cock will more then likely not get hard for you. I need to know you are not only there for me but are with me all the way in our love and sexual pleasures. I need that bond , that chemistry.

But in all that i just said there a person has to be able to close there eyes first to see the person inside then open there eyes and accept the fact that the lover you have with your eyes closed is the same lover you have with your eyes open regaurdless of what society says is beauty or not. Just the truth above all.

Holds a rose out in hand for a lady that may take it!


rm_KirkVW44m 56M
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4/16/2006 5:25 am

Thank you two ladies for not only visiting my blog but being so kind in your replies.. Some dont know how to take me or my honestly.. You seem to both do it well. <3

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