~Return from the fire~.. My salute to Tillerbabe...  

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4/23/2006 6:50 am

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~Return from the fire~.. My salute to Tillerbabe...

I have alot of respect for those that put there lives on the line daily for others and well this short fantasy writing goes out to *Tillerbabe* a female firefighter.

Knowing i would not see her for a day or so, I listened to my police scanner for if only to hear her voice for a few brief instances. As i was laying in our bed reading i heard the scanner go off saying for her station to respond to a decent sized fire about 12 miles from our home. This was around 12 am when it occurred. Needless to say with me knowing she was out fighting a blaze there would be no sleep in this night for me.

So i spent the evening wondering just how she was if she was ok and all.. I got in my truck and headed to where the fire was it was now about 5am.. As i pulled up on the fire i saw her but she didn't see me. It looked like the fire was nearly out in fact the trucks were loading up for the return home.

I honked the horn at her and she saw me following her truck back to the station. As they arrived at the station it was still dark. Most the firemen had removed there gear and headed in for some morning coffee and a shower but TB saw me across the street in my vehicle waving her over.

She could see in my eyes i wanted something and that something was her. She was still wearing her fireman's coveralls but had removed her jacket. She was smoke covered and smelled of a fire yet i could care less as i wanted her now. Very few words were spoken from this point on.

I took her hand and walked her over into an unlit alley. I was behind her as i gently dropped the straps of her coveralls over her shoulders. Pulling them down to her ankles. Then pulling what she on under down to her ankles. I lifed her T_shirt up which she now wore like a necklace. I began kissing her neck and fondlng her breasts as I pinned her from behind against a wall running my kisses all over her tasting the smoke from the fire she had just left.

Running my tongue down the entire length of her back i reached down to spread her legs as i knelt behind. Reaching around as i licked the crevice of her ass. Her pussy was now soaked and her clit so firm and swollen but i continued to play. I bit surprised by the attention i gave to eating her asshole she gasped with moans of pleasure. I shortly after slide down a little more and began eating her wet pussy from behind. It was a challenge so for the moment so i told her to turn around to face me licking her clit with a passion where she shortly there after exploded onto my tongue.mmmmmm as i savor her sweet flavor. I smile and look up at her

I was not done by any means at this point as i asked her to turn around and rest her hands on the wall as i slid all of my hard manhood deep inside her. While she rested her hands on the wall i grabbed her hips which gave me wonderful leverage to plunge into her hard, deep and fast all the while playing with her swollen clit from behind.

She was thrusting into me and i was losing fucking control having a hard time NOT cumming. The more i slowed the faster she pumped onto me. It was a losing effort as TB wanted my warm juices to fill her. Just as she came a second time i exploded pumping feverishly to give her all i had inside me.
My cum quickly began to run down her legs in a warm flow.

Both smelling of smoke now i pulled her T-Shirt down and her pants and overalls up. I kissed her even in the sweaty black smoke taste on her lips pleased me. I told her i loved her but in that instance i heard the firehouse bells go off and TB ran to what she did best, fight fires. I only hoped that she would be safe in this fire and that what we just shared gave her something else to think about other then the blaze spitting flames of fire at her.

Hope you liked TB as it was just a little creativity from within me and to thank you and for what you do. Can we meet after your next blaze by chance?*wink*


imLadyBambi 59M/51F

4/23/2006 2:41 pm

Now that is what I call a true romantic blog. I can tell that it came deep down from the heart. And it also sounds like you both had a great time. Mr.Bambi and I have been looking for a place similar to that to live out another one of our fantasies. Shit we have soooo many I don't know if we will ever fulfill them. But once again great blog.

Lady Bambi

rm_KirkVW44m 56M
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4/23/2006 5:36 pm

Lady B. it wasnt real just a gift of thought to her is all. I actually hope what i wrote wasn't out of line with TB and that she liked it and it gave her something to think about tbh. Notice i said *short fantasy writing* at the begining of the blog. If she writes and says the story was offensive out of respect i would take it down.. If she liked it well then i'm happy.

Seems you liked the story though *wink*


tillerbabe 57F

4/25/2006 2:49 am

Very nice! VERY HOT!!! I can say I have never had quite the "tribute"!!! Thank you! So very much.....I know this was a fantasy...but you know.... youknow right? That uh...i'm sort of "taken"? Do you mind if I take this fantasy and make it real?

rm_KirkVW44m 56M
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4/25/2006 4:23 am

Not at all dear..Just something i might do to you would do if i was your lover. Since your taken you *could* share the idea with him and if he dont want to indulge you could always call me in on the radio for back up or shine that bat signal in they sky for me to see *wink* .. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful day TB


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