~Idle Ramblings ~ A humorous look.  

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4/18/2006 8:21 am

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~Idle Ramblings ~ A humorous look.

Well its obvious i got to much spare time on my hands by the amount i write but i'm laid off from work and have been 4 months and well i'm actually enjoying a fake mini retirement before facing the reality and getting back into a working life lol

I haven't been for a long time and I'm not sure i know why the hell i even came here but i'm here to stay. I get a kick out of stupidity and in stupid people well they make me laugh lol.. On the other hand there is alot of loving , open hearts here and this allows them to be the who of who they are when sometimes for one reason or another not allowed to and usually its by there choice. Anybody that see's my writing and knows me in real life also knows I'm the same here as there. I will say what i feel simply because its the truth and if people don't want to hear it well thats there problem not mine.

I love how openly that females express sexuality here. Where the hell were you 19 years ago when i got married. The other day i read a blog by a woman that was messing around and she posted a thread about a one night stand NSA situation. And there was a firestorm of cocks pictures mailed to her.

I mean come the fuck on.. I'm kinda freaky myself but not to the point of sending a picture of my cock as a expression of interest. How about at least asking the girls name.. Maybe if she did want night stand and you were up for it you could see if you two liked the same things in bed but NO. Hows my fucking cock babe? I swear. *laughs*

We can come here and be bad but lets not fucking forget that there are people behind the names whether they are right in the head or not they are human beings none the less and should be treated with a bit of respect and some civility.

It would be like a woman i never met sending me a picture of her snatch and thinking that in itself is all i wanted . Well for Lady Bambi i do but.. I hope she *LB* realizes that i use her name in fun but i honestly do love her blog and i love her honesty among all things and from what i see is a wonderful woman with a lucky Mr. B. Don't mind me dear *LB* you have been so kind to me. Thanks!

Have a great day all and even a laugh or two while your at it.


imLadyBambi 59M/51F

4/18/2006 2:50 pm


Thanks for the compliment.

And no, I do not mind you using my name.I am flattered.

And yes some of the men on AdultFriendFinder need a reality check.Even though this is a swingers, sight a couple of men have no respect.So I am glad you brought this up.

Thanks for visiting my blogs.I enjoy reading your comments.

Lady Bambi

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