~I'm a sexual animal, but my *spouse* is not~  

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4/19/2006 5:44 am

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~I'm a sexual animal, but my *spouse* is not~

I'll say many things here to make you smile but they are *not* always humorous to me. Say we're walking down a clothing isle at a retail outlet and i see a dressing room. What comes to my mind? I say to myself i would like to take my wife in there pull her damn pants down and eat her till she floods my face with her juices. Ok thats just me. The reality of it with her would be, not here i don't really like my pussy being ate in the first place and if i do i want it freshly cleaned. I'm like who gives a fuck if you just took a shower for crying out loud..

Anyways there goes the spontaneity of me wanting to give her something different as well as the mood. Did you read anywhere so far stating i wanted to get mine also? Nope just something i wanted to do for her. As far as I'm concerned there is no wrong place or time for an orgasm lol. Well you know what i mean as long as its done with discretion and doesn't offend others.

Its a beautiful morning as is the sunrise. How about we go outside and make love as the sun is coming up and then ill go make us a couple cups of coffee after we get our nuts as we watch the sun rise together naked on a blanket in the grass? Not in my fucking house would be the reply i get to that thought lol Hope you are all smiling but its the reality of me at home.. Guess she doesn't know what she is missing *sigh*

She likes sex but the sex she likes isn't very creative .. A good orgasm is enough for her but i want more if you can understand that. Hell i can go jack off and well it feels wonderful but i guess i want more if you will.

The truth is she is a quite remarkable woman who is loving and caring and has been a good wife to me in nearly aspect. But i suppose i'm always looking for a lover to satisfy my hunger and there are many looking for the same as me. They don't want a fuck buddy they want a *lover* all the while maintaining there current relationships and keeping a balance there.

So my advice is this give into your lovers desires or they will find somebody else that will. So you say, how could your partner cheat yet they told you what they desired and you turned away from it. I sure would like a nice blow job right about now or even a mouthful of wet muff would be so nice..mmmmm
Not in my house ..

Have a wonderful day all and a smile too.

Just the truth!

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4/21/2006 3:52 am

Thank you dear for your sincerity and honesty let alone the guts to chime in on a touching subject. Sex is a very important part of a marriage or relationship but if that marriage is solid its not the *defining* or anchor of it. I have a good marriage thats lacking is all lol.. And why im looking if it isnt obvious lol..You sound like a wonderful woman. Are you single and if you are somebody is sure as hell missing out on a good thing dear.

Thanks for the reply


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