You want me yet you've never met me.  

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8/20/2006 5:50 am

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8/24/2006 2:33 am

You want me yet you've never met me.

You want me but you can't explain why only knowing that if for a day i would be the greatest lover you ever had.. You have no questions at all as to that truth all the while not being able to understand your lustful desire of my sexual aura that burns through your body. Right now i want to fuck you and hear your screams of orgasmic pleasure ring into my ears. Meet me in the shower lover.

Whisper softly into my ear about how i make your body ache lover. Taking your hand i lead you into the shower. Our lips locked in an embrace but i need to release from you and turn the shower on to a nice warm soft stream that runs gently down your back. Again pressing my lips against yours juices of our mouths flow back and forth as you feel my hands run from your shoulders to your ass pressing your throbbing pussy into my hardness as i grind into you. You feel the head of my cock slide up against your tummy.

Kissing you deeply as my i slowly drag my tongue across your neck down to your nipples as i make short stop to softly nibble on their hardness you feel my tongue slide down your tummy as i feverishly take your swollen hard clit in my mouth.
I ask you to hand me the shower head which you do

Close your eyes lover.. Tell me how you like my tongue devouring your pussy. My god your about to cum at any second no matter how much you want to hold back. Reaching between your legs i slide a finger up your ass and with my other hand direct the shower to work along side my tongue which pulsates on your clit. My god your legs are shaking which forces me to suck harder and move my finger in and out of your ass faster and faster.

I look up into your eyes and say cum my love. Shoot your juices all over my tongue. Give me what i want damn it! In that very instance you exploded into my mouth soon followed by dropping to your knees. Both of us breathing heavy, you know how i love when you have my cock in your mouth. Take whatever you want from me lover. I just want to fuck you with my cock , finger and tongue until we both have no more left to give. I want you to cum for me babe.

We all have many lovers and those that are in touch with themselves and their desires know sometimes instantly who those lovers are without even meeting them for the first time. Sometimes its a gift and sometimes a curse knowing your lover at the instance you meet when circumstance doesn't always allow two lovers to show that love to each other for some reason. Agree or Disagree? You know what i think? True lovers would have no jealosy in sharing with other lovers if in fact that love was pure and true *wink*

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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8/20/2006 6:08 am

I will be right over!

Purry {=}



8/22/2006 6:07 pm

agreed... to a certain
was never taught to share my toys..But i truly understand your point and have many friends married with mutible lovers.. an open marriage..I think that is true love..and its wonderful.. I'm just a lil old fasion..I really can't share my self physically with another man.. and do not want to know about him being with another woman.. unless she is very..very rich and wants to support us both

great post.. and always.. I say "never say never"

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