My rant on the alleged Marine massacre in Iraq.  

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5/31/2006 2:46 pm

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6/3/2006 6:00 pm

My rant on the alleged Marine massacre in Iraq.

Certain things piss me off to no end and one of those things is the news media motherfuckers using shock journalism to kick there ratings up. I have no problem with a war being reported at all but report the war and not make it into something it isn't.

I'm a military veteran and in saying that there is nothing kind or humane about war. War is hell is what war is. Those soldiers over in Iraq have one mission and that mission is to try and make it home alive so if I'm walking in there shoes I'm gonna take the shoot first ask questions later attitude in most part.

But right now the witch hunt is on which disgusts me and is a disgrace to our great nation. If your in combat and you kill a target thats running away from you by shooting them in the back does that qualify as cold blooded murder? I think not.

As to the story being reported be it true or not i really don't want to hear about it. I consider it a part of war and in war some friendly fire casualties are going to occur plain and simple.

I used to think Time magazine was a respectable magazine but they broke this story so they must be hard up for money or something. I will never by another publication with there name on it for this reason alone knowingly.

A soldier must fight to survive and do that on his best judgment in war. We cant have our soldiers overly concerned about how they stay alive other then that they do stay alive.

Politicians start wars not soldiers and even though i don't think we need to be in Iraq i salute every solder over there simply because of his or her dedication to his job and mission. They are doing what our incompetent government asked them to do.

So the next time these news journalists want to put someones ass on the line i say here is a uniform and a gun. Go take a one year hike in insurgent laden Iraq and get back to me when you figure the fuck out what is justified and what isn't..

If they want to start the prosecution chain i suggest they start at the top with the President and start a trial for starting a war with unjustifiable cause and for illegal wire tapping for starters.

Rant off!!!!

rm_mm0206 70F
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5/31/2006 4:11 pm


I wish I could vote in congress I would impeach him and the heads of his dept of defense.

What do they send those men/boys over there for if it isnt to kill...pure and simple... and in the process be killed ...oh god.

Sometimes we need to keep our asses at home...and now is one of them. Bring Those Soldiers!!!!

imLadyBambi 59M/51F

6/1/2006 2:41 am


I think I am going to let Mr.Bambi take a look at this one.

This is right up his alley.LOL

Lady Bambi

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