May i cook?~~~~ Dinner for you ~~~~  

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4/22/2006 5:38 am

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4/25/2006 2:56 am

May i cook?~~~~ Dinner for you ~~~~

Ok look out ladies. Yeah a man that can cook any damn thing under the sun and even bake some things lol.. Baking isn't my strong suit but i can manage

You know i could take you out to eat dinner at some fancy crowded place if you wanted but i would rather cook for you in my home or on a beach somewhere using natural heat ie wood or charcoal. I think cooking on an open fire is romantic so lets do that.

So we arrive at a nice secluded beach spot and we lay out the blankets I've brought my own wood as i like hickory or mesquite. Anyways i build a fire of decent size as the sun begins to set. First i offer you a glass of wine or drink of your choosing. I'm a laid back beer drinker so a good beer is of my choice.. If you want beer you can have that to.

Well i had everything prepared and ready to go before we arrived. A couple cornish game hens stuffed with a butter based portabella mushroom stuffing marinated in Teriyaki sauce. Those will be rotisserie cooked over the wood fire.

Some fresh sweet corn to be cooked in the husks till done then juiced up with some fresh garlic butter and salt. Some grilled veggies of your choosing. Some fresh raw veggies to dip in the dip you love most. You just sit back enjoying the peace of waves crashing on the beach as i cook for you.

Ok now the easy part you just have to eat what i cooked for you We can enjoy each other in tantalizing conversation watching the sunset enjoying our dinner.

It starts to get dark and the fire is warming as well as relaxing. So your thinking lets fuck right now were both buzzed on our drinks and feeling good. I kiss you deeply and say hold your pants up smiling as i run to my Jeep.

I then break out my double boiler fondue pot and grab a tub of freshly washed strawberries. So i set that up on the fire and slowly melt some chocolate so i can dip some berries in it and feed you by hand till you say no more A special wine is mandatory with chocolate covered strawberries just so you know.

Laying beside you staring at the stars i ask you where do you want to go from here? Though i can tell in your eyes exactly where you want to go.

Anyways thats my idea of how to serve a lady dinner right.


rm_Luscious2BBW 48F
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4/22/2006 7:44 am

Well now! That sounds outstanding. Especially since I do not cook very well myself. However I am great on the baking end, lol.

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