Choice Encounter... Meeting in the dark  

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4/27/2006 9:30 am

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Choice Encounter... Meeting in the dark

This is for somebody that doubts themselves and what they have to offer.

You've never seen my face and only have heard my voice a few times as we have had lengthy talks about our desires , fantasies among other things always being totally honest with each other. We are deeply attracted to one another thats for sure even in unspoken words. So i have a plan for our first encounter. She will get a room at a hotel and i will arrive there at around 9pm but there are some prior conditions. First you will put on a blindfold and not take it off the entire evening.

I arrive at your hotel room where you lie naked in bed. I knock on the door where you greet me, but i and ask that you remain blindfolded. I'm going to make love to you inside where it matters not based on what you think you look like to me. Just relax i say to you. Your laying on the bed so the first thing i do is come to your lips and kiss you deeply just once to let you feel my fire for you. You like how i move my tongue about in your mouth tasting your saliva mmmm. In that kiss i reach down and touch between your legs and its very hot and wet just like i want it.

I pull you over to the side of the bed as you are on your back and lean your head back so i can slide my swelling cock into your mouth. You love my taste don't you? I fuck your hungry mouth for awhile slowly while you try to take all of me. You want me to explode in your mouth but i resist as i fuck your mouth some more while softly touching and delicately twisting on your nipples. I'm rock hard now. I help you stand up and turn you around placing your hands on the bed. Though you have never told me directly you want my hardness and all of it in your ass but you do don't you? I oil myself up very well and i tell you that i will push the head in but from that point its up to you lover. Take as little of me or as much as you want as i play with your clit. Your so relaxed and it doesn't take much time before you consume me and begin to work my hard cock in and out of you. For the first time you seem to like it very much. You fuck me hard and fast now.

I whisper in your ear as I'm about to explode saying this night is for you lover. I pull my hardness out and explode shooting my hot cum all over your back, and down your ass crack. I massage my juices all over you and get a little on my finger for you to taste me which you've been longing to do. I immediately drop to my knees rimming your ass and playing with your clit until you explode.. It feels like you turned on the tap of a faucet as your juices flood my mouth which i savor and swallow willfully. You haven't came like this in a long time have you? Well i 've just begun. You gave me a wonderful orgasm but from this point on its all for you lover.

I then help you climb up on the bed because your legs are shaking. Please lay on your back for me i ask. I embrace your lips then i softly focus on your big breasts reaching for the two vibrators and some warming oil that i brought with me. As i twist on your nipples a little with my teeth i put a few drops of the warming oil on your nipples and they stand up attention immediately.. Slowly i take that vibrator and make circles around your nipples all the while in my other hand I'm sliding the other one in and out of you though not turned on yet.

As i slide down, I put my face between your legs i pull the vibrator out and suck on it to taste you. mmmm sweet and lustful flavor you are. I lift your legs to my shoulders. I also take the pillows on the bed to jack your ass up a bit so i can get access easily to both your ass and pussy. As i begin to eat your pussy i take the smaller of the two vibrators and slide it in your ass which is relaxed and loose after the ass fucking i just gave you almost welcoming it again. I turn it on and your body shudders. I leave it alone to do its own thing vibrating inside you.

Returning my focus to your soaking pussy your body trembles already. Slowly i work my tongue sucking on your clit while making circles around your clit with the other vibrator thats turned on now also You seem to like the vibrator in your ass nearly as much as you love my tongue and the one in my hand. It doesn't take you long to cum a second time and after that i just lay into you with more tongue and vibrator on your clit mmmm.. I'm not stopping any time soon just in case you haven't noticed and being here to please you I'm in no hurry to get myself off again this evening. You continue to come off and on several times. This goes on for about 90 minutes non stop.. Yes i got extra batteries just in case *kiss The look in your eyes now is of total exhaustion.

By now I'm fucking hard again and have been for quite some time, but you haven't felt me inside your pussy . Putting the vibrators aside you grab my cock and as wore out as your pussy and ass seem you want me once more don't you lover? Seeing all the pleasure i've given me as me hot so i ask you to turn around and get on your knees. I forcefully enter your pussy from behind placing my legs outside of yours holding your legs together. I then force you down on your stomach with your legs wrapped tightly around my cock as i proceed to fuck you very fast, hard and deep while laying on your back i kiss your neck all over. Your moans reappear as i reach around you and play with your clit some more. After about 10 minutes i cant hold it any longer and i fill your pussy with another load of my cum.

As i pull my cock out my cum drips over you. You seem exhausted but i have one more little surprise. I walk you to the shower and wash us together with the blindfold still on you . We are both fresh and clean now as i kiss you deeply once more i take you to the bed and lay you down pulling the covers over you again with another kiss. I tell you the next time we meet i will show you my face but for now we will loath in the pleasures shared untarnished by what doesn't matter. Kissing you once more very deeply i reach for my clothes and head out the door into the next day.

angelofmercy5 60F
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4/27/2006 10:43 am

She's a very lucky woman. And I hope you two get to live out your fantasy very soon! Great post.

tillerbabe 57F

4/28/2006 12:58 am

Very nice!!!! I say go for it!

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