The Convenience Store Clerk  

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10/15/2005 1:51 am

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The Convenience Store Clerk

We'll call her Yu-jin.

Yu-jin has been working for over a year at the convenience store that Abby and I go to all the time. It's right near work, and we stop in to buy a soda or cigarettes or even kimbap, the rice and seaweed snack that everyone eats for lunch around here.

She always stares at me and tries to speak English with me. Whenever I go in without my wife, Yu-jin asks where she is and bats her eyelashes at me. She is 18 or 19, but I can't really tell because Koreans measure age differently than westerners, and she says she's 20 by that standard.

Well, Abby has said that Yu-jin has wanted me for forever, to which I have always replied that she was seeing things. Recently, though, I began to think that she might be right, and played it up a little.

Abby started talking about me going with Yu-jin a few days ago, and I said that I wanted to only if Abby was there, too, but Abby insisted that she didn't want to join or watch, because she's not interested in watching me have sex with someone that she knows, and doesn't think that Yu-jin will be comfortable with it, either.

So we agreed to do it when Abby is in Thailand, and she helped me write a simplified English letter to Yu-jin. Abby picked out a nice shirt and tie for me and made sure I was handsome for the meeting.

We went to the convenience store together, and I asked to speak to Yu-jin alone outside. Abby went off to make a phone call. I told Yu-jin that I thought she was very beautiful and gave her the letter, asking her to read it immediately.

The letter said:

"I enjoy talking to you every day. My wife is going to Thailand for a week and I will be lonely. You are very beautiful. Do you want to help me? I would like that very much."

She read it, looked up and immediately said "Yes. I like you very much."

"So, can you be my special friend while my wife is gone."

"Yes, what day?"

"How about Saturday? When do you finish work on Saturday?"


"Then we can meet to go out after. Is 6:10 OK?"

"Today?" (Today is Saturday)

"No. Next week Saturday. My wife doesn't want to come with us."

"OK," she said while smiling a huge smile.

I let her go back in the store to finish her work and went across the street to meet Abby. She rushed up and asked "What did she say?"

I told her the story, and we went to lunch, discussing where I should take Yu-jin and what we should do. Abby said that I should treat Yu-jin well, just like I would want another man to treat Abby if she goes out. This week, I think that I will ask Yu-jin what she likes to eat and whether she prefers karaoke or a movie. I think that we should drink a little to loosen up then go to a DVD room and make out while watching a Korean comedy with subtitles. We can then move on to a motel.

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10/15/2005 5:14 am

I can't wait to hear how you get on with Yu-jin.Please tell us everything when it eventually happens.

It's like watching can't wait for the next episode to see what happens.

This is exciting!I hope that it all works out well for you.Your a very lucky man indeed.


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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