Our Great Adventure, Part 3: Woman on Woman  

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11/6/2005 3:04 am

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Our Great Adventure, Part 3: Woman on Woman

3 Woman on Woman?
Luckily, I was able to meet the members which I will talk about now in the chat room to clear up some questions that I had about that Saturday.

3.1 Long-time Fantasies
Early on in our time here, we met a couple who seemed interested in us. The wife of seven or so years had had a fantasy to be with a woman for most of that time. In our first week, she convinced her husband to allow her to sleep with another woman, possibly with his involvement.

Her main desire was to cause a woman to come repeatedly. Since Abby was a little curious about all this, she decided that it would be OK to try, even though they weren't physically her type. Abby was nervous, but the more we talked about it, the more excited she became.

We laid down all the ground rules for the meeting. Abby doesn't like to share her toys, so the other woman had to bring her own. The husband was very serious that I not be involved with his wife, which was fine by me -- I like Abby well enough that I don't need anyone else. Abby saif that she wanted it to be a reciprocal arrangement, so the husband should not be involved with her, either.

We set the time and place, and talked about it in the chat room several times before the event. Everybody seemed excited. On Saturday, though, I called to cancel with them during the period that Abby was "lost." Once she was found again, I reconfirmed the time and made sure that they had not made any other plans in the mean time.

3.2 The Meeting
We got to the place early. I was susprised that Abby didn't seem nervous. After all, this was her first time with a woman, something that she was unsure about doing only a couple of weeks ago. She said that she hadn't thought about it much yet, and would wait until something was actually happening before getting nervous.

We waited until about twenty minutes after the assigned meeting time, then decided to call. Since we didn't have a cell phone, I bothered one of the PR ladies in mini-skirts and boots in front of us and asked to use her cell.

"We're en route," was the terse answer from the other side.

Even though I offered the young woman money in return for the call, she didn't take it, and we chatted on and off with her and the other reps while waiting outside. It was a cold October night, we were under-dressed, and found ourselves dancing around to stay warm.

3.3 Dashed Hopes
I didn't worry too much, though, because I knew that the cell phone that we had called from was standing right in front of us, should this couple hit a real snag. I though that maybe they were having trouble finding the place, since they had stated that they weren't too familiar with that area of Seoul.

When the PR group finished their shifts and left, I decided to make another call. It was over an hour after the scheduled meeting time, and based on the couple's profession, I expected them to be more prompt than they were, or at least notify us when they would be late. At that point, I wasn't too optimistic.

We couldn't find a pay phone that accepted coins, so walked the five minutes back to our hotel and made the call from there. There was no answer.

I'm still not really sure what happened, except that in our metting in the Korea chat room tinight, I was told that they had unexpected guests. I wish that they would have told us that, instead of making us wait for over an hour in the cold.

Well, you live and learn. We found a last-minute replacement, anyway. More on that next time...

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1/5/2006 12:33 pm

This couple has reported that they were stuck with their kids. We're kind of confused, since they stated before that they couldn't have children. Whatever... They should've called us to tell us that they weren't coming, or at least give us more informatioin than "en route."

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