Superstitious Crap  

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6/5/2006 5:32 pm
Superstitious Crap

I saw the tv ads for the movie OMEN, due to start tomorrow. I heard the radio ads. I heard a radio dj reference it as the Mark of the Beast, 6-6-06. And I heard a coworker babble on about it and the "significance" of the date. Even heard a news story saying that women are asking doctors to induce labor early so their child won't be born on that date.

What a load of crap! I'm sick of this ignorant, superstitious, bullshit! When I heard a coworker mention it at work, I had to pop his bubble by reminding him that the "06" was really a shorthand version of 2006 Anno Domini. You know, Latin for 2006 Year of Our Lord. How the hell do you get 666 out of 6-6-2006? Little Hollywood sleight of hand of
course, but there are boobs who actually get worked up about this stuff!!! Nothing like mixing a little
Hollywood, misunderstood history, and popular biblical folklore to produce holier than thou ignorance.

Oh, is there any chance at all that the number comes from a very simple code that referenced Nero, Ceasar, the persecutor of the early Christians? Nah, that would be too historical and make too much sense. Much better to throw all this stupid shit around to be soaked up by any moron without a brain. I will be so happy once this movie passes so I won't have to hear this swill.

June 6th is D Day! Now that is something to celebrate!

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