It's Post Time!  

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8/1/2006 4:35 pm
It's Post Time!

Time to get a blog in. I got stuff I have to get done, that's demanding my attention. Notice how I prioritised, and made this my number one commitment!

Got home, showered, shaved(hate that 5 o'clock shadow!) and fixed a bite to eat. Made myself a couple of bbq'ed pulled pork sandwiches right out of the container. Not that I can't cook, I'll be fixing London Broil later this week, but I just wanted something fast tonight.
And I talked to the old man.

The old man is my dad. After my mom died four years ago, he was calling me virtually every night. Lonely, grieving, somewhat lost.
He went through all the stages. Now, I'm lucky if I hear from him once a week. He found himself a girlfriend. My 80 year old dad has a girlfriend. I'm still totally amazed.

He's in great shape, very active, likes to talk(mostly about himself), not many guys like him in that age category. You'd never guess his age my looking at him. Now he's got himself an active 70 year old. Best of all, she puts up with his constant chattering, his goofy cliches,
and his smartass remarks about virtually everything. In short, he is a character.

God bless her soul, she's the best thing that's happened to my dad in a long time. And I must confess, also to me. Why me, you ask?
Simply because I don't have to hold his hand constantly anymore. The closest analogy I can think of is when your kid goes to school. You hope they're safe, learning and having fun. You're also damned glad you're getting a break!

Hell, I've already raised two kids. I'm too old to handle another one! Especially one that talks back ALL the time! So this is a very pleasant relief for me.

So for all you denizens of Blogland, have a great evening, and enjoy whatever breaks come your way!

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