Outside the gate  

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Outside the gate

I awoke in the night, hot and covered in sweat. I looked around for you but you were not there. I realized then that it must have been a dream and I laid back down on the bed. My mind is filled with your presence and I can smell your sent in the room. I know that you were there in some form or another. I pick up the talisman you gave me. I hold it in my hand and run my finger across the carving of the moon. I remember your words to me when you gave me this. " Keep this close to you and I will always be near." I sit in the dark now looking at it, thoughts of you fill my mind. I know now that it is time to go. I rise and dress, pulling on my boots and lastly I pick up my sword and buckle it around my waist. I slip your talisman into my pocket and stride from the room. The inn is dark as it is past closing time and the crowd has left for the night. I pull the bolt on the door and step out into the humid night air.
I know that you are with me as I head for the ruins of the ancient city. I have come to find the Bloodstone. A ruby of such size and wealth that it could buy a kingdom. I can think only of you as I walk through the woods, my feet taking me closer to my destination. Only for you do I brave the danger here. Only for you would I seek that which no man has found. Those who have gone into the ruins have never returned, I plan to be the first. As i approach the city gates the stone in my pocket becomes warm. I know now that you are near and soon I will see you. You appear to me then, stepping from the mist at the edge of the wood. Your elven face aglow in the moonlight. I stop and stare at you, always it surprises me that you can find me where ever I am. I brush your hair back from your eyes as you smile at me. " Do this not for me." you whisper. " I am already yours so you have no need of such trinkets to impress me." I look into your eyes and see there that you tell no lie. Your beauty takes my breath away as always. You know that I can deny you nothing and your very wish is my command. You unhook your cloak and it falls to the ground at your feet. " I give up my elven immortality for you." you say to me, " Make love to me now, here in the moonlight, and show me that I am yours." you tell me. I take you in my arms then and cover you with kisses. The taste of your body like some sweet salt that only you can make. I smell the lavender on you and can not control myself. I pull your blouse off your body and pull you close to me in the darkness. Ours is the only sound here by the ruins of the once proud city. The dark and silent watch towers stand witness to our passion. As I lie on my back you straddle my body. Your legs the color of cream against my tan body. Your sex is hot and so moist as I enter you, you enfold me like a gloved hand, griping and squeezing my hard member tightly. I reach up and cup your firm breast in my hands as you ride me like your prize stallion. I can feel your juices running down my legs. Our bodies locked together in the most intimate embrace. We crash together as our passion builds. There we lay on the grass, entwined in each others arms as we explode into the most wonderful of orgasms. You press against me as we lock into a kiss like none I have ever had before. " I am yours for eternity." I tell you in the aftermath of our coupling. " I know," you whisper into my ear. " I give of myself freely to you."

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    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    I just love reading these..very well written.
Glad you enjoy my stories.......... I just let my fingers type where my mind takes me.

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    I agree with MZHuny. I think the temperture around here rises just a little more each time you write something like this. Hmmnn...I wonder maybe that's the reason why some people don't leave a post...they got to go cool off.
could be............ I'm glad you like it....... hope it raised your temp a little as I aim to please. Thank you for stopping by and please come back each day. Have you went back through the older post on here.... There are some others further back you might like.

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