Looking California and Feeling Minnesota.  

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3/21/2006 5:52 pm

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3/27/2006 11:17 am

Looking California and Feeling Minnesota.

Explanation of title:

Looking Hot, Feeling cool. That's a Khemism. I'm starting my own philosophy. Look for the book on the best seller charts soon. I just gave you a sneak peek.

It was Sunday, the lazy day for me. So I'm watching the news, and reading the paper. I do not recommend watching a news channel for more than three hours straight while doing house work. It's just completely insane. War, famine, riots, murders, kidnappings. Wild mad raving dogs, disease, hunger. I walk over to the door and slowly peak my head out waiting for "Old Yeller" to come bite my head off.

All I feel is a cool breeze and mostly silence if it weren't for the crickets. I walk out a little further, and hear kids playing at the basketball courts. The crickets never letting up.

breep breep breep breep breep breep

Where is this stuff going on man?!? I think we need some more positive stories in the news. The news is supposed to be objective isn't it? Lets throw some... "Today a cat was saved by a 12 year old before it fell out of the tree" kinda stuff. Not as compelling as the above, but damn. Let's mix it up a little.

So I see this story about a woman who is suing the state of California.

This woman married a guy after he was put on death row. I've heard of these types of situations, but this one is just way out there.
As if that weren't strange enough... He is on death row for killing 8 women! Now lets "up" the weirdness factor a bit. She is suing for the rights to have congical visits. Oh, did I mention the guy has aids? This throws all kindsa wrenches into the "what women want category".

Is life too weird or what? My first thought.. "and guys of a f f aren't getting laid?"

There's something wrong here. What's happened to us? I don't see any reason why Satan could easily rule this world right now. Well... Maybe I spoke to soon. There is always the woman factor.

I can just see it now...

Satan walks down street.

Woman: What a cute butt!

Khem: But he's Satan!?!?

Woman: You don't know him like I do.

Khem: But he's the Prince of Darkness!!

Woman: I can change him.

And you're right. I don't give him a snow storms chance in hell against a woman's ego.
He would rein for about a week, and then we would see him out mowing his girlfriend's yard.

Khem: Hey Mr. Satan, you forgot to edge out back.

Satan: Shut up, I'm the prince of darkness. I'll remember you said that.

He'll be at the store buying tampons... Price check on Tampons, isle 3, Lucifer needs tampons for his woman.

Satan: Shut up! I'm gonna get you for this... next time she's out with her girlfriend's for the weekend.

I'm just saying... We're all a little messed up.


crazygurl2xx 58F

3/22/2006 6:49 am

now you're getting it. i knew you would. you're a smart guy. keep up the good work. love reading your twisted thoughts!

redhead351970 47F
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3/23/2006 7:41 pm

This is why women can't go to hell. Satan is afraid they'll take over.

And, yeah, no kidding things are pretty fucked up out there! I don't watch the news anymore.

crazygurl2xx 58F

3/24/2006 6:45 am

You have been tagged!! Tell 6 things about yourself that most people don’t know and IF you can find 6 people who haven’t been tagged…well good luck!

rm_art_persists 53M
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3/24/2006 11:46 am

Khem: thanks for the tag. Your blog is new to me but I'll be back. good stuff - especially the Satan issue

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