I still remember just the way you taste.  

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2/15/2006 7:00 pm

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I still remember just the way you taste.

This is a memory that I have. I'm sharing a moment of life, a picture in my album. It's not an erotic story made up just for your entertainment. If you don't like it, I don't really care.

I saw her red dress first. The other parts started coming into focus. The club was loud, and my friends and I were having just another night out. She wasn't a beauty queen. She was attractive, but it was something else that caught my attention. To this day, I still am not sure what it was.

I turned around and kept drinking and laughing with my friends. You know.. those good times, when nothing else matters. Every couple of minutes I turn to glance at her. We make eye contact almost every time. I sense a connection, but keep my desires to myself. She was there was some friends, and they were having a good time dancing. We lock eyes again, and she smiles.

Another hour passes, another jager bottle down. I can tell they are about to leave. You know whats coming right? What if I would have... Should I of.... Forget it I thought. I'm with friends having the time of my life. I don't want to ruin this with a turn down from a beautiful girl.

Tapped on the shoulder, I turn around. I see red, look up and I see an almost annoyed face.
"You're an idiot, do you know that?"
This is one of the few moments in my life where I was lost for words. She continues with..
"I've been waiting for you to talk to me all night, but now I'm leaving. Would you like to give me you're number?"

At this point in time, even my friends have completely forgot the conversation that we were all in, and are just staring at me.

I write down my phone number, and hand it to her. She laughs as if she were about to throw it back in my face. She says, "Do you have a name? You didn't write it down, and you haven't said a word do me!"

I sit there feeling like I have the emotion and commucation skills of a 10 year old. I told her my name, and introduced her to my friends. She says "you'll be hearing from me soon." Then promptly walks out the door.

We talk several times on the phone. I'm back to my normal self now, and can carry on a conversation. She wants to meet up some time, and have a few drinks. She'll let me know.
(I'm 19 at this time with a fake id, and she knows this. She's 35).

A couple of weeks later I was at another bar, very much (Lit). I get a call from her. She hears the music and wants to know if she can come hang out. I say sure. She shows up 20 minutes later. The sexual vibes and suggestive behavior that was coming from this woman were overwhelming. Totally in control, and assertive at what her intentions are.

I'm very much three sheets to the wind at this point. I exuse myself to the bathroom. As I'm replaying what is happening in my mind, I hear the door open. I didn't turn to look, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jump (who wouldn't in a mens bathroom?!?!)

She whispers in my ear, its ok, I just came to make sure you were ok. I'm totally blown away at this point. Let me help you my lil lush. She grabs me with her hand while I'm at the urinal doing my thing, and starts kissing my neck. She then moves up to my ear. It's like she could read my mind. I swear my ears have a nerve connected to my dick. A kiss or a tongue on my ear sets me off. "Very nice...Oh my, I have never seen piercings like that before" She was refering to my Prince Albert, and ladder.

She says, "You're coming home with me tonight, so be ready, and tell your friends you have a ride home." I have never in my life up to this point had a woman be so forward or direct to me about anything.

It was so many things, her boldness, her steadfast mind set, the thought that any minute someone could of walked in and saw her doing that, but she didn't care. My knees had never felt so weak. We go to her apartment....

I'll have save rest for part 2.

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2/16/2006 6:10 am

holding my breath! rrrr

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