rm_Karamel_Dlux 41F
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5/23/2006 10:50 am

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1/1/2007 6:43 am


Perfect white teeth, baby smile for me
Perfect skin, sleek to the touch, delicious to taste
Perfect hands, firm and strong, grabbing my breasts
Taunt muscles that bring naughty thoughts to mind
As I straddle your lap, I feel your perfect hardness, thick and pulsating
You kiss my neck with your perfect lips, soft and moist
Your lack of restraint fuels my flame, feel my perfect heat
My nipples harden and distend, as they are perfectly plucked and tweaked
Hard as a rock, your perfect cock, as I slide down on my knees
Warm and wet, my perfect tongue, as I lick from base to tip
Slowly circling, slit tickling, I play with your pleasure
But your perfect pleasure is my pleasure
As I take you in, with my throat I measure…..every...perfect…inch
Up and down, vacuum suction, until you’re close to that perfect release
But wait; there are still two perfect sacs
And their attention won’t lack, as I take them in my mouth
First one, then the other, until you perfectly utter, “Bring your ass here!”
Your perfect hands grab me by the back of my head,
As you bring me up for a perfect kiss
Tongues twirling, lips nibbling, mouths perfectly melding
I rise to stand on my perfect legs, and then you turn me and bend me over
My wetness is in your sights, perfect angle
As you perfectly sit and admire in contemplation
For what comes next is your perfect digit, inserted slowly
And another, and another, stretching me out, filling me up, but it’s not enough
I feel your breath, hot and humid, perfectly tantalizing my sex
Perfect pink on perfect pink, as your tongue and my desire meet
Slower…faster, you set a perfect pace
As I perfectly climax, with shutters and moans
Playtime now done, you smack my ass and it has a perfect sting
Kiss my cheek and pull me down on your lap, perfectly positioned from behind
You spread my legs in a perfect “V”, each of my legs dangling on your sides
“Play with it”, you say on a perfect hush, as I caress myself for your gratification
The perfect thrill of sight, the thrill of scent, the thrill of your ying in my yang
Grinding hard, hips perfectly winding; faster….faster…harder
Tame my perrrrrfect kitty, make it submit, stroke it, make it purr
Drench her in your essence, the perfect culmination of a perfect session
As we float down from ecstasy
Hold me close, kiss my neck, and subdue my body…..perfectly.

silkdawgg 39M
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5/23/2006 11:40 am

sounds very sexy

rm_Karamel_Dlux 41F

5/30/2006 7:51 am

Thank you!

rabbit411000 50M
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6/9/2006 9:48 am

hallo süsse meld dich mal

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