Wives as call girls  

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11/14/2005 5:33 pm

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Wives as call girls

There's such a fine line between feeling like a wife who wants to have sex with a stranger for mutual pleasure and feeling like a call girl. If the stranger rides into town a few hours after you first made contact....and everyone has pretty good sex..and then you never hear from him again....hmmmmm. This has happened to us so frequently that it's starting to make us wonder.

Meeting a stranger at a hotel for sex is something I would certainly never do if I were single, if for nothing else but safety reasons. But trust me on this, the outcome is pretty much the same if you do the whole respectable "Meet and Greet" at a restaurant or park first, or even wait weeks to do the do. Does it really matter if the guy doesn't respect me in the morning ? But it does leave a bitter aftertaste. It rekindles my faith in humanity when the gent at least sends a little thank you note after, even if we don't meet again. But hey, guess I expect single guys to be nicer and more thoughtful than they are....

Mind you we have had some exceptional single males who were incredibily polite and valued the gift that my hubby shared with them as such, a GIFT. it can be such a magical experience. But not to even say thank you later is like throwing the gift in the garbage.

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