Mike and Rita - Part 1 - The rescue  

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Mike and Rita - Part 1 - The rescue

Allright, this is my first forray into telling a story, please be gentle with me.

Mike had just left his office for the night and was headed home to his Carrollwood apartment to contemplate dinner and the tube. He had a long day, fired a long time employee and was feeling down. He thought to himself why he does it, why does he continue to torture himself in a job that seemed to have no emotional or personal satisfaction to him? The office he managed was in charge of enrolling employees of a fortune 500 company in their benefits through an automatic enrollment system the employees accessed through their phone. He had been with the company for five years and it had become tiresome, mundane and frustrating. He had thought about quitting, but his salary was good, his employees liked him, and there was an occasional flare up with the system or a person that managed to use the system incorrectly and he had to put out fires occasionally. As he drove by the Tampa Stadium on his way home he looked to the left and noticed the Sam Seltzer’s restaurant. He had lived in Tampa for five years and yet had never eaten at Seltzer’s. He had always wanted to eat there, and he decided that instead of going home and cooking, he would go in and have a steak, a couple of drinks and relax from his hard day.

As he walked in he looked to his left and there was the bar. He immediately walked over and sat down and ordered a Crown and Coke, along with a menu. The bartender introduced himself as James as he sat the drink down and asked him to get his attention when he was ready to order. Mike looked around the bar and noticed a few business people enjoying some after work drinks and conversation, there was a group of women sitting at one of the booths in the bar area, they were all laughing and having a good time, it seemed a jovial atmosphere and he began to feel the days events disappear and wind down and he began to relax. The TV at the bar was set to ESPN, and Sportscenter was on, only there was no sound. He looked across the bar and noticed a man and a woman talking, but she didn’t seem as interested in him as he was wit her. She looked in her mid 30’s, red hair, green eyes, and she was wearing a conservative turtleneck sweater that settled just under her chin. Mike tried to get a feel for how the conversation was going without being too obvious about it.

He called James over and ordered a 10oz cut of Prime Rib and he wanted it cooked medium rare. James told him that it would be about 10-15 minutes and asked if he wanted another drink. Mike looked down and realized he had downed the first one, and concluded this was the reason for his relaxed mood. He ordered another drink and went back to the conversation between this woman and her seemingly unwanted friend, and from the bits and pieces he caught, he realized the guy was trying to pick her up. She seemed bored with his technique, and Mike got the feeling she wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. He looked at her face, and noticed that she was quite beautiful. She had an aura about her that seemed to resonate innocence, yet at the same time her green eyes gave off a sexual glow that undermined that innocence. He could really see that she was getting irritated with her unwelcome guest and decided that maybe she was in need of rescue. He got up out of his chair and walked over to where they were sitting and tapped the guy on the shoulder and gambled that this idiot had not seen him sitting across the bar.. “Is there a specific reason why you are talking to my wife?” he asked. The guy looked shocked, embarrassed, and immediately began to stammer on about how he didn’t know she was married, and was terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Mike looked at the woman and said with a sarcastic grin and a wink at her said “honey, sorry I am late, traffic was a mess on Dale Mabry and I had a rough time getting here.” She didn’t know what to say at that point, but suddenly got the hint and said “That’s ok dear; this gentleman here was just explaining to me the benefits of going home with him and I was just about to tell him you were coming when you walked up.” Mike looked back at the guy, raised his eyebrow and stated “was he now, well I can only imagine that he is the only one who would know the benefits of that.” The woman smiled and tried not to laugh out loud, as it would obviously make the situation worse. The man gave Mike a dirty look, looked over at the redhead and stammered off to his buddies across the room, obviously disgusted with the whole situation.

After he left, the woman smiled at Mike and said, “Thank you, I wasn’t sure how to get rid of him, he was becoming quite persistent.” “That’s ok, I saw from across the bar you were in need of a way out of that situation and I wanted to help. I hate to see women harassed when they obviously want to be left alone.” She said, “Well it is too late for that now, because if you go back to your seat, he is obviously going to know that you are not my husband.” Mike wasn’t expecting this and he felt that maybe he may have just made matters worse. “I’m sorry, I should not have interfered.” Mike said. She looked at him, smiled, and said, “My name is Rita, and you are welcome to join me until he leaves. I don’t want him to come back over here if you go back to your seat.” “My name is Mike, thank you, and since I got us into this mess, it is only fitting I follow through with the appearance of us being together.”, he said. Rita smiled again and said, “He is suspicious of you Mike, and I think we should alleviate his suspicions.” With that she moved close to him, and kissed him on the cheek. At that action a stirring in Mike’s cock caught him by surprise and him suddenly became aware of just how beautiful she was. She was tall, about 5’7”, slim, and the green in her eyes, now that he could see them up close, was enough to make him weak in the knees.

Mike called James over and asked that his meal be brought to him at his current location and if he would pour him a new drink and discard the one he left behind. James did as he asked then Mike asked Rita if he could buy her a drink. Rita accepted with a smile and ordered a rum and coke. He asked her if she had ordered food, she stated that she had not, and that she was not really hungry. At that they proceeded to have general conversation and in doing so Mike found out she was a middle school teacher, which would explain the conservative clothing, she had been teaching for 10 years, loved it and could not see doing anything else with her life. She was divorced, as was Mike, and had been single for the last 5 years. She had a 12 year old son, whom was now in her class, which felt weird for her, but managed to live with it. Mike asked her where her son was now, and she explained that he was with his father for the weekend. After about an hour the conversation was going very well and Mike did not want it to end. He had grown quite interested in this woman, and did not want the evening to end once the other guy left.

They continued their conversation through dinner. Mike enjoyed the Prime Rib, along with the baked potato that came with it. They were enjoying another drink when Mike noticed the guy from earlier leaving with his friends. The man gave Mike and Rita one final glare as he was leaving, then followed his friends out of the Restaurant. Mike looked over at Rita and laughed at the man’s exit, then realized his chance for more time with this fantastic woman was nearing an end. She announced that she needed to go, she had a 30 minute drive home, and she was getting tired. Mike volunteered to walk her to her car, and she accepted. He paid the bill, gathered his things and they left the bar together. The night air was brisk for a clear October evening, and he could sense winter coming. Winter in Florida is not exactly like it is in Ohio, but it does get cold, but without the snow. He was looking forward to the cooler temperatures, especially after such a hot summer, not to mention a pretty active hurricane season. They got to her car and she turned to face him. He looked deep into those hypnotic green eyes of hers and felt that stirring in his cock again and it was at that time he decided he needed to see her again. “Rita, would it be too forward if I asked for your number so I can see you again?” She reached into her purse and pulled out a note pad and a pen, scribbled her number on it and handed it to him. “I would very much like to see you again Mike, I had an enjoyable evening, and besides, I feel that I owe my rescuer a home cooked meal. What are you doing tomorrow night?” Mike’s cock immediately jumped to attention in his kaki’s and he could feel himself starting to sweat, despite the fact it was 55 degrees outside. “I am free tomorrow night, and I haven’t had a home-cooked meal in a long time. Sounds great.” She looked at him with those sensual eyes of hers and said, “Good, call me tomorrow afternoon and I will tell you how to get to my place. Thank you Mike, you have been very nice, and I had a good time tonight.” She leaned up to his tall frame and kissed him, squeezing his left arm in the process. It was a tender kiss, but Mike felt it all the way to his toes. He sensed there was more to this woman than just her outward beauty, more than just her conservative look, and he believed that he would soon find out.

On the drive home all he could think of was those eyes he had been staring at all night and his cock remained stiff until he got home, and then only after he jerked off in his bed that night with visions of Rita filling his thoughts. Mike could hardly wait for that dinner she promised him.

To be continued...

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zebra_buggy 32F

5/2/2006 5:49 pm

Hi, Scott.

Very nicely written. I particularly enjoyed the following passage: She had an aura about her that seemed to resonate innocence, yet at the same time her green eyes gave off a sexual glow that undermined that innocence ... Exquisite!

Looking forward to the next installment. Hope all is well with you.


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5/3/2006 9:44 am

Very well written! I would ask her for the Tuna...

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