Frustration - Computer problems  

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7/20/2006 5:41 pm

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Frustration - Computer problems

So tuesday afternoon we are having thunderstorms here in Clearwater. The thunder is loud, the dog is barking all day, and at one point a power surge reboots my computer. I have been having minor issues with it lately and it will not restart, so I have had to turn it off for a while then allow it to cool off before turning it back on. so I shut it down, let it sit for about 1/2 an hour then turn it back on. the computer boots fine, but I have no video. My video card is dead, it doesnt work, and as a result I have no computer. I borrowed a video card from the ex's hubby tonight and I am back online. the down side to that is that the card now installed is a few steps down from what I had installed before, so now although I can surf and see the internet, the video quality is shitty. I have been planning on building myself a new system for about a year now, this has only reinforced that desire and stepped up my time table. I now have to put some money together in order to build this system. I will be doing it piece by piece and it will probably take me a few months but the end result is worth every minute.

wish me luck...


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