Attitudes and car ownership  

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3/9/2006 5:43 pm

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Attitudes and car ownership

One thing about the business that has allowed me to see is the different attitudes of car owners. They say that a mans or woman's clothes says a lot about a person. Well the same can be said about a person's car. The manufacturer that I sell recently introduced a high-line type of vehicle. This is supposed to be the type of vehicle to go head to head with say the Avalon, BMW and yes, Mercedes. The one thing I have noticed is that this new car has brought a different type of clientèle to the dealership. One that is picky, stuffy, and above all else, demanding. They drive on the lot with their Infinity's, their Lexus's, their BMW's, and their Mercedes and they look at me like I am a lower type of life form, like I cant handle a complete sentence if it was layed in front of me like a giant billboard. God I hate people that think they are better than me just because they drive a $60,000 piece of metal from Japan or Germany. Let me explain something to these pseudo Luxury driving "I need a nice car cause I have a small penis" driving neo-nazi assholes... we "little people" - the ones that drive the economy when it is down, the ones that do the grunt work, the ones that get up and go to work five, sometimes six days a week, putting in 50-60 hours per week, the ones that eat cheeseburgers at Wendy's every day instead of going out to eat for lunch at Ruth Chris, Shula's or some fancy Sushi place. I put my pants on the exact same way as all of the rest of ya. I am not rude to people, I have consideration for other people's feelings, and I have manners. It seems to me that just because these dick heads that make upwards of seven figures or high six figures all have to be rude and uncaring. They dont feel we could know more about a subject than they do, they feel that they dont have to be told about the car, but they also want to test ya to see if you know your shit. If you dont know about the car, then most definitely you will not earn their business, despite the fact we work with them on a daily basis and that we know more about the car then they will ever know in their entire span of owning it.

So if any of you people out there own one of these "high line" vehicles, first let me say that not only will I not apologize for my comments, but please do try and remember something very important. without us little people, you would not be able to make that 700 dollar car payment you signed up for 72 months. I will stick to my mid size sedan that I paid 20k for, dont have to put high-test gasoline in, and whose car payment is less than half your mortgage payment.



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3/12/2006 6:10 pm

You will never see me in one of those high end types of cars. I love my little Mazda convertible and think it's the coolest car that I have ever owned. Yes, I own the car...paid cash for it and got a great deal. I won't be giving it up anytime soon!


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