Another Fantasy  

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6/28/2006 6:36 am

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Another Fantasy

I Have So Many Fantasies, I think that I am Loosing My Mind. I was Getting So many Fantasies that I had to write them Down so that I wouldn't Forget any. I also Love to Hear about Other Fantasies and Often adopt them (If they Sound Good) Or Modify Some I already Have.

Let me Know what you think of this one....

rm_John69M4U 70M
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6/28/2006 6:40 am

My Newest Fantasy

This is My Newest Fantasy. But First I need to give you some Background. As you know from my Profile, I Really Like Foreplay. Keep that in Mind while I give you some more Background. Every Day when I shower I use a Liquid Soap to Shower with. Brands like Soft-soap, Zest, Oil of Olay and Others. Oil of Olay came out with a New one. According to the label, It contains Lotion Ribbons for Moisturizing. It Feels Great. It is Extra Rich and Very Slippery. I Love it. Now for the Fantasy:

We get Undressed, With allot of Touching, Kissing, Fondling and Such. We step into the Shower and get wet. We then turn off the Water and I use Half of a Bottle of Oil of Olay with Moisture Ribbons to Lather you up. You then use the other half to lather me up. We Don’t Neglect any part of each others Body untouched. We are 2 Totally Slippery and Soapy Bodies at this Point. We are rubbing our Bodies together and Fondling each other until we can’t stand it any More. At this point, I stand Behind you and still fondling your Breasts slowly begin to enter your ass. Deeper and deeper until I am all the way in. I have Never Had Anal sex But we wanted to try it and experiment. Once I am all the way inside you, I am still Fondling you Breasts and the rest of your Body, But I am also playing with your Pussy and rubbing you Soapy, Slippery Clit which is Standing erect. You are Slowly Moving Right and Left, Bach and Forward as My Cock slides in and out of you Freely. Our Tempo increases until we are Spent.
Afterwards, We wash off, Dry off, and Move to the Bedroom to Cuddle, Fondle, Tease each other and at this Point I would Probably want to Eat you Pussy. (No Suprize Here, Right?)

rm_zoinks007 54M

7/22/2006 11:44 pm

r E e T

EscapeWithMe2005 61F
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11/4/2006 11:05 am

I should get out and live life to the fullest..instead of just fantasizing about it!..Life is too short...especially for a smoker!

rm_John69M4U 70M
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11/5/2006 5:28 am

    Quoting EscapeWithMe2005:
    I should get out and live life to the fullest..instead of just fantasizing about it!..Life is too short...especially for a smoker!
I Totally Agree. But Fantasizing Can't be Helped. I Have So many Fantasies that Everytime I see a Good Looking Woman on the street or in a store I can't help but imagine her in At Least one of them

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