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3/1/2006 9:46 pm

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Lesson Plans

Okay, first let me say that work sucked today. The level of sucktitude was high enough to create a vacuum at my desk. Probably why I was feeling dizzy all day ~ there wasn't enough oxygen to get to my brain.

Despite that, it's been an interesting day. In between fits of rage at not getting the system to work right for God knows what reason, I teased a girl using the text messaging on my phone. I've never used that feature on my phone that much.
I discovered today that there are benefits to the feature. Number one is the fact that you're messaging a cell phone, and cells have this notoriously useful habit of being on the person's ~ um, person ~ at any given time. So it makes it great for teasing. She started off our little correspondence play by telling me not to get her horny, because she was supposed to be paying attention in class ~ so I preceeded to torture her by asking if I shouldn't do some particular sexual act to her at the time, giving her an education from a completely different lesson plan. She was squirming in her seat after a while and begging me not to stop, to tell her more in excruciatingly sexual detail.

And at this point the biggest flaw with this system appeared. It takes me forever to type even the simplest of things, especially since I insist on using proper spelling and grammar. (My God, I am such a nerd.) It took me two minutes to write a one-sentence message about stroking her clit with my fingertip with a modicum of description. I mean seriously ~ I can type that in 15 seconds. Give me another twenty, and I can describe it in a much more provocative, exciting way that will curl a woman's toes and her pubic hair.

Still, I do get stiff as a Senator when women are begging me to grammarfuck them, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

That's all for this round, kiddies. Now stop reading this shit, get off your asses and go get your corn creamed. God knows that's what I'm gonna do.

- the JoeKerr

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