I don't remember  

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3/1/2005 3:32 pm

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I don't remember

Last night I had a dream that's been torturing me all day....

I don't remember how I got there, but I was in a strange apartment, with odd corners and edges, almost as if designed by a cubist or a madman or possibly both. The white walls were seductively draped with shadows, made even more abstract by the severe architecture. I don't remember if I was sitting or standing, but I remember the woman.

She stood in the middle of the room, her eyes fixated on me. Her round face was framed by a silky expanse of black hair that stopped just below her ears. She was naked save for a sheer black blouse that cradled her breasts like a pair of fruit held up for my approval. The image of her slightly spread legs seems like it has been burned behind my retinas.

She was talking to me, although about what, I don't remember, but I could see what she wanted . Every now and again as she talked to me, the tip of her tongue slipped between her lips as if wanting to taste something forbidden but lacking the will or courage.

The next thing I remember is her leading me through the strange apartment, the two of us talking all the time. My eyes strayed as we walked to a pair of leather straps lying carelessly in a heap on the floor, clearly intended to be worn across her chest. A few more steps and my eyes fell upon a pair of transparent black panties that matched the shirt that she wore.

I remember her stopping and asking me a question directly, her big brown eyes boring into mine. I don't remember what the question was, but I remember that I leaned towards her, aware at once at how small she was next to me. And then I growled lowly--a grumble of a sound that I make when I'm extremely horny.

I can remember explicitly both her face and mine in this moment. My face was cold, passive, neither smiling nor frowning, my sharp eyes burrowing into hers. She stared at me wide-eyed as her breathing began to come in large gulps, causing her chest to rise and fall. Her mouth had fallen slightly ajar, and the lower lip trembled. She looked frightened and apprehensive but unable to look away, not wanting to look away, not wanting to leave this moment. I remember looking down between her parted legs to see the lips of her pussy glistening, her clit distended and engorged at the same time....

...it was then that my alarm went off. I really wanted to go back to sleep, to hit snooze and go back to that place, but it is as if the vividness of the dream had awakened my mind and it would not be silenced. As I lay there, wishing that the night hadn't been quite that short, I thought about the last image that had crossed my mind. I know that if I hadn't needed to get ready for work, I would just laid there and masturbated. Do other people dream like this? Or do they not remember?

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