Let's Talk About Sex  

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1/20/2006 10:43 am

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Let's Talk About Sex

Like many TGs, my earliest brushes with women's clothing were fueled, to a large extent, by sex; both the sexy feeling of the clothing and curiosity about being with a man. With my wife's blessing, I explored my bisexual feelings over the course of a summer about 7 years ago. Though I still identify myself as bi, I haven't really been interested in playing since then. The reasons are many, but two are front and center: 1) I love my wife and would rather enjoy sex with her than someone else; 2) It's dangerous and a lot of work.

So, I've been out of the loop for awhile. That's why I was so surprised by what happened this morning. I was having a pleasant chat with a 48 year old CD who just started dressing 2 years ago. She's still in that stage where most everything is about sex, but we were chatting about other things as well. Then she asked if I knew how HIV was transmitted...Wow; glad I'm in a monogamous relationship!

Folks, it's 2006 and waaayyy past time to get ourselves educated; not just about HIV, but all STDs. The incidence of HIV progressing into AIDS in the U.S dropped like a stone throughout the late 90s and then leveled off. Sadly, according to the CDC, the drop was primarily due to more effective treatments, not a change in behavior. Today, 20% of new cases are among the heterosexual population and there is a significant portion of the population that is totally ignorant of the risks. They're out there having unprotected sex with strangers, blissfully unaware. Just one more reason to keep my panties on; maybe even invest in some rubber ones....


rm_jackie40503 71T
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2/2/2006 7:09 pm


I think one of the problems is that too damn many have that "It won't happen to me" attitude and therefore don't give a s**t. I've had relatives who have died from aids in the early 80s and really know just how bad it can be. So I don't really mean to sound callus but if anyone doesn't take the time to find out just how easily STDs are transmitted has no one but themselves to blame if they catch one. I sure hope that the total lack of comment to your post is not an indication that no one cares.


1niceTgirl2try 36T
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2/22/2006 3:03 am

they are scared, most of them dont want to comment because they do care i think... but they worry that if they admit they care they might not get laid as much...

I think people feel if they become educated about those types of issues that they will seem like they are involved in some way... ive lost some very close friends to aids within the glbt community in vegas and there have been some major icons who fell to the disease...

I so agree with you on this, and was origionaly just going to read up on this blog as a suggestion of my new friend jackie ^^^ up there ** giggles ** but this is an important issue and i really agree on it! thankyou for mentioning it!

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2/23/2006 5:59 am

Too true, far too true unfortunately. It's funny you mention it actually as I've been asked by a group of local schools to do some chats on STD's to some of it's pre-GCSE groups. Most people think thats too early to start teaching them but not me, as far as I concerned I think there's no such thing as too early so long as the message get's reinforced.

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