When I rode with the hell  

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9/20/2005 6:09 am

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When I rode with the hell

Four in the afternoon on a dusty road outside Tucson that not even the mail truck will go down, I awake to the sound of footfalls on the steps of our double wide. *BANG! BANG!! BANG!!!* Dragging myself from the couch I look out the window to see… a face looking in at me. As the lock clears the bolt, the door swings out and there stands 3 friends looking for a place to crash till the sun goes down.
Yeah come on in, I’m going to go to town in a bit… make yourself at home. After showering and getting ready I check on my unwanted guests before leaving… 2 sleeping and 1 eating. Seeyah. I slam the door on the way out, just to get some pay back for waking me up. My beauty sits on her stand waiting for her man. The chrome rims popping off sparkles to my eyes, rolling with me as I mount. I’m outta here. The dust behind blocks my view of the past as I ride faster for the main road.

Liquid ribbon of black top stretches for the horizon to both sides, making the turn with a slide of the back tire. I slowly start to accelerate… hair twisting in the wind, the skin on my head tingles and sends a goose bump run down my arms. Clouds billow and climb the ladder of sky to paradise in mind as mesa’s in the distance slowly crawl towards me.

My mirror shows something coming up from behind, moving fast… more than one, several in fact! It looks like 6 pins and flat heads being operated by the spawn of Satan. I can see their slowing down the closer they get and my heart starts to skip to every other beat. Holding my line tight to the right of the road… ceasing to look in the mirror as two ride up on my left side, both intently scrutinizing me. My chest hurts from the stress as I turn to greet a fellow trail blazer, a broad grin is the first thing I see on a brown leather face surrounded with thick unwashed black and gray hair.

A leather clad, dust encrusted beast of a man is smiling wide and takes the time to wave to me after signaling the other rider to fall back. Whipping my head right around, second place is awarded me, I question with a glancing what? He slides close and I move in unison to the side, matching my speed… we ride. Never had I been so afraid and aware of life’s short calling, I swivel a little now and then and it makes him belly laugh out loud… How long you been riding? I shout back 10 years, he seems caught in a moment of glorious thought. Peeking in the mirror I can see there is at least 20 pairs riding behind the head of our new formed biker triangle.

Miles of road under the wheels later, euphoria has set in my mood. The One Stop is coming up from the rounded orange brown horizon, everything you’ll ever need to survive a desolate life. A dozen rigs lay sleeping in their lots, I throttle back and point to the place… a nod of his head lets me know understanding. A chain of motorcycles slows for a much needed break from the thing they crave. Life.

A wary man quickens his step returning to the false security of a van, a group of travelers sleeps slumped in their seats near the entrance to the left. I pull hard right and slow down to clear the way for the others. Couples and singles ride by in pairs, past the main building turning around the back to the favorite biker parking. As the last ones ride by I get a quick nod and a thumbs up.

Pulling up out front and parking where I always do, as a man of enormous size comes around the corner with a course heading for me. A spine tingling shoulder shiver catches me off guard and leaves me speechless. He stops on the curb and crosses his arms, looking my machine over. Dropping the kick to park my ride, he exclaims with a thunderous voice as deep as the pipes on his lady. You gonna be staying here long? No , sir I just came to get a gallon of milk and some dinner for my mom before she get home from work… Your going to be a damn fine man someday, when your ready I’ll ride back with you.

He pulled my groceries from his leather saddle bag and hung it on the handle bars of my bike, as I went to shake his hand and thank him, he slide his hand up my arm and said grip like this… now you’re in the brotherhood of life balanced on two wheels, be good to yourself.

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