For you... alone  

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For you... alone

Through the front door, pulling it closed behind, thumping my brain for what did I forget… I pause with the key in the lock, looking up into the imaginary place I go for thinking. Oh well, I’ll remember when I get there, no time to spare. Twenty minutes of anticipation for the drive, parking lot proves a tedious search for the right space.
Auto sliding doors provide a welcome whooshing sound, cart with the best lumpy wheel is selected and the shopping begins. Produce section, my favorite place, the melons are always desperate for a squeeze from a stranger with my gentle hands. Such a selection of honey dews drives my eyes to bulging ness. Wild cherries, peaches and prunes, their all beautiful to me.
Perfect upside down valentines heart is trying hard to bust the seems of her classic levi jeans, showing off just one of her many valuable asset for the world of men to want. I can see what it means in her bodily language to be gorgeously lonely, in moments of waiting to be seen. It’s not that she needs a thing from me, or even wants something, already had. The types and number of things like yogurt in the cart tell me more than she knows as I scan her skin for a hint of tattoo’s, or a mystery for unfolding. Walking by to smell the essence of who she needs to be, cinnamon and spice flesh with a hint of citrus in a waterfall of flowing brown hair. Shinning like a flower glistens soaked with dew, bathing in soft orange sparkles of light from the rising sun. A run of geese flock for bumpy flight under the skin, side focusing my eyes as I pass by nearly makes me lose my step, heart skips for a second from regular timing as the vision of lovely just seen.
Moving past a ways, finding my pretend intended location and turn slightly to notice she is a beauty in the garden of fruits & vegetables. Paying me no attention, graceful and unaware that eyes are playing tricks on my mind in vaporous moments of fantasy. Just the smallest ridge of flesh is being pushed out from her larger than average breast motion restrictor, exposed by the sliding aside from her top hanging lose as she bends in to reach over. A shimmering shiver glides and rides my loin, preaching in mind, find the will to speak. Nothing but silence… is said when you don‘t know what to say, that won‘t fumble out in stupid way. Turning to move, she spies another thing needed and spreads her mythical butterfly wings and flutters out of site.
Kicking myself into mental motion ahead, breaking away from the moment… I walk alone to the other side of the isle’s strange fruits section, another flower is picking her favorites from the various winds of change. Hands are busy with more than her needs for all the loneliness she feeds, stopping for a moment I can see her misery is worn in the weight of the world living in times where there’s no fun masturbating when you feel it’s all the love you’ll ever get from yourself. Snapping a friendly warning glance at me, I quickly smile broadly and say Good morning, her reply is barely audible from shock that someone is speaking to her. Making conversation is my gift and I give it away everyday. Excuse me with my deep voice rumbling like the bass I play… do you know what kind of fruit that is? Then it happens, the thing that makes me sing the praises to life that I‘m alive. She lights up with her eyes wide and smiles to speak to me, the history of what she knows is expanded on and how her mother would cut up the kiwi. Reminiscing the sights and sounds, scene and heard sitting in the park and laugh like friends she’s never found since. 10 minutes of our lives is spent, me listening and paying attention with deep blues eyes like she’s never known, focused on lips and eyes I’m contained in the imaginary moments of sexual hinted notions. Every time her eyes stray another way, I soak in being so close to her breasts I could reach out and caress… regaining control and restraining myself in everyway. I can tell from her pause to use certain words that she is timid from years of being neglected and left till wanted by a someone that is not giving her everything she needs, but it’s something she believes is worth holding on to, over grasping for hope in fear of ending the possible nothingness. Being faithful leads to a soul destroying cascade of pain that starts with only being wanted for certain things and excluded from others. An awkward moment makes for a anyway sigh and I wished her well in reminding her of how beautiful she looks today.
Joy is a smiling moment when you think nothing of it, later in the after shock of receiving something you thought needed not… you find out what kindness is in a glimmer of hope that happiness lasts forever. For me to watch a women blossom to happy is a special everything I can not stand to be without.
Walking away I glance back to see a look that is many things, sadness has run away from my punishing hate for it. Smiling back I turn to front and my eye’s catch mariposa turning another corner. I cross back and up the closest point, dodging people entranced in the mystery of food in containers. Swiftly moving six isles across the front she has come to the place that I MUST see.
Turning to see her looking for a favorite ice cream with her sensitivity pushing up. I take a very deep breath and fall in to hide at an angle behind the beer delivery guy. Soaking in the radiant feeling of my own rising chest forces me to lose control of my most over used muscle. Blues under liquid eye lids and lips bright with passionate red, her blouse is casting silhouettes under each breast. Hair and skin right behind them itches as heat runs to the tip of my ears. Grabbing his cart motioning to chest, while making the wow face at me. Leaving, he looks and we nod with understanding in a guys way, acknowledging what’s taking place. As he gets to the end turning out of sight, taking one last peek at the perfection of imaginary sexual feelings every man need to use later, touching self for gratuity.
Making a choice, I roll forward to meet her gaze and as all the air escapes my breath, leaving my strength in a vacuum laying slack. Flexing her lips and pinching the bottom left side with a couple top teeth, thinking of others things causing her to pick for the memory of a forgotten. Her brow’s are furled in questioning higher one side pose, as golden hoops dangle from the sweetest ears for whispering our shared fears. Passing so close I feel the heat of her body ease through the atmosphere escaping my view.
Dozens of people passed by and not another memorable face but this one is dreaming in a traumatic world, caught living life without regret for all the things that go unnoticed. Pounding my head against a wall of my own creation, built from years of over high, rated solo concentration. Hearing echoes from the other side of my cell. Screaming at myself for saying nothing when I’m ready to let her know of this longing to hold her and tell her of the all the things we could be together… even just for a day, a night, a blistering raw moment of movements to prove lusty commitment.
Going by the absent minded butcher, missing fingers, playing nice with his knives, I’m filled with an emotion related to smell of blood and fresh meat, spikes of sexual tension roll like thunder all around for only me to hear. It’s her last stop at the bakery to get some fresh pastries for an indulging Sunday.
I break fast through the back doors past the time clock, smock, name tag and a quick glimpse in the mirror. Exploding down the center of the store, through the cash out with a sideways slightly off balance slide and a grab at the paper bags. Opening one with a snapping POP! Good Morning, how are you today? The cashier looks at me in questioning… Smiling gorgeous lightning strikes with a knock out that leaves me punch drunk, struggling to hold myself up. I’m doing well… Thank you, and your self? I’ve had better days, but none of them compare to this moment talking to you. A knowing blush of rushing feeling floods her cheeks as her eyes drop to focuses intently on me. Your so sweet, I might have to eat you up… * a slight wickedness appears from the corner of her mouth.* Trapeze arches spring as my stomach muscles constrict in thankful relief of the extra thick cloth covering my swelling pride.
Walking her out to the car, I’m over whelmed with wanting and lust for what I’ll never see… she Thanks me with a smile of kindness wrapped in a mysterious look. Moving with great caution, she steps close and holds my soul in the palm of her eyes, and kisses my cheek. Sliding her hand up to the other side of my face to turn my head with her thumb on my chin, she whispers softly in sultry voice that continues to ring as I write this “I’d like to teach you things you’ll never forget, butt… can you really handle this…”.

Driving down a road up to heaven, with the windows open to the world breezing past. Thankful for the rushing air to cool my skin, hiding the gushing flow of hot running blood underneath. Passion plays from the speakers in the form of music, from notes of unconscious thought. The heat of the sun reminds of the fire in my mind as I laugh out and loud, she looks at me for a moment and tips her head down to see over her shades, winks and says… what’s so funny? I was just thinking how quickly things change, an hour ago I didn’t know where I would be and now… I have focus on direction to a place I’ve never been. Her garnet red lips point up at each side as she takes a hand off the wheel and places it on my thigh for just the thought. Turning to watch the way ahead, her silver hoop catches the light just right and a sparkle drifts through the opening to my soul. The orange Chevy chevelle slows down to take a left on the right street, a man in a truck sitting at the stop sign sees the beauty pass him as his path takes a different turn.
The humming strum of the powerful motor transports us at blinding speed on a rural state road, she likes the power and loves to drive. Her magnificent breast are calling to my eyes to be held as precious jewels, trees passing cause strips and spots of liquid gold sunlight to dance through wind blown strands of her sweet chocolate brown hair. The fingers of her hand makes a wing as she puts in out the window to test the passing atmosphere. A memory of what can happen when the happiness of love turns to winter tries to catch up, clouds roll in to the rear view mirror threatening to rain on her solo parade.
Switching the radio station to find a favorite, she wants for a faraway voice to say something unique in her. Letting off the accelerator we glide silent for miles as the car loses momentum, caution sets in to her mood. I’m not looking for someone to hold me forever, just a something better than the nothing I have now, she thinks out loud. Reaching down to turn off the music I say ditto in open thought, no worries we cry in unison at the lonely past behind and ride into a new day.
The tunes Jam out cult and cure, as we scream and shout lyrics we know by heart in complete. Communicating with words and phrases of songs, wink and giggles the friend ship sails over asphalts strength and durability. Our destination in the futures distance is just ahead, braking hard just before the turn into the driveway, she brings us to a complete stop and looks at me with penetrating words of wisdom. I don’t want to be hurt and I don’t want any one else to get hurt, there has been enough pain in my life already. I agree and we make the right turn.
Silence surrounds us with absence of the motor, in a moment of stumbling… she gets out first, if you go unlock the door, I’ll bring in the groceries. Smiling, she grabs one and winks.
Walking through the door I’m struck with the sense I have been here before, many times in fact, in my mind. Entering the kitchen, the smell of JIF peanut butter and taco’s hints at my nose while watching her fine behind do the side to side glide in front of me. Putting the sacks on the counter and turning to go get more, she smacks my ass and grips for a couple of seconds with a releasing hard squeeze, says… if you don’t swash the bread, I’ll give yah really good tip… lick. Laughing out loud and doubling my pace, flying out the door to her fantastic bubbling giggle coming from behind me. Looking out the window from safety of the curtain, watching me from a far, the voyeur adjust herself to rub against the hardness of a nearby chair.
After getting the things squared away, I’m within reaching distance and wait for her reaction…
Are you hungry? Standing there with a hand on her luscious hip and the other on the fridge door and slightly smarty pants looks on her face. As a matter fact I’m starving, and I’m very hungry too. Laughter fills the void of sexual tension for a moment and we slide closer together on it. From this point forward I must be extremely cautious, reminding myself with all the information gathered. Thinking in moments inside while smiling outside, I ponder why is she so afraid of the blade used to cleave the heart from the soul.
Reaching out ever so slowly to ask for her hand with nothing said, she can’t help the need to scream, asking me to be patient with a look of her eyes.
Making herself busy with cooking, while talking about the way the world makes us feel, moving in close behind her I can smell her hair and make body motion excuses to get closer, bathing myself in the aromas. Feeling me so close, I land my hand near the middle of the back and slide around the outside. Swiftly rotating to the opposite direction, immediately breaking even the slightest hint of oppressing her freedom. I am taken a back around by the depth in which others must have mistreated this beautiful lady before me. Leaning against the counter, holding in pause to watch while some one else does something for both of us.
Would you please go sit down and turn on the TV it’s almost time for kick off! I would be more than happy to, and I proceed to find a place to make my self comfy and wait for her to come sit with me, eat with me and watch football with me. I’m over whelmed for a moment and lay my head back, rolling in sounds and smells, I feel her standing right in front of me. Finding my semi hard domineer rising, leaning forward to take the plate, why thank you very much… mmmm biscuit sandwiches with chips, my fav! She hands me an cold coke with a smile and says, please be careful… as sliding fingers cross chancing glance.
Hours go by talking about the lack of quality coverage of our favorite sport, tugging at my arm and shouting while feeling me out for strength in the flex of being touched. Weaving a mixture of laughing with flirting and telling each other how great we are for each other in ironic ways.
Afternoon leaves us rolling another number for the sweet leaf of mary jane, to ease our pain over lonely tunes we seek to drag out souls across… over and over again. The half time in afternoon to evening is a special time between what is and what could be. She’s feels the heat of me inside, hiding behind a thousand threads of pain pulled from a carpet of structure below her sensual feet, laying my head to the side like a dog that can’t figure what to do… I smile like always and wait for it to find it’s way to you.
Handing me a personal poem she’s written when there was no me, swears of all the things she is underlined by who she can not, should, and doesn’t want to be. She sings the praise of what can’t be touched because she will refuse in the moment of truth to open up and know bringer of light to her darkened spirit soul in midnight retreat. All her words are not all red and some thoughts remain half eaten, looking up at you… the blue crystal of sparkling want forces me to read on. At the end I am disillusioned as to why she would tell me it is one thing when I can feel it’s a letter of regret. A questioning what look crosses our paths, I’m caught in mourning thought, catching morning thinking in the afternoon of our meeting.
Decisions to desired decided by the picture provided for a hero of words, I stand in moment of incomprehensible dreams realized. Her beauty is not to be compared to anything I can remember knowing, slow rolling down the mouse to see those eyes so bright with hope. Seeking for just one someone who is not saying something other than deceiving, to take another piece of what she needs most. Thoughts of how long it takes a soul to grow cold from alone, flood down a river pass in the story of how the past sucked me under in a torrent of pain that’s caused my hands to be wracked with grief as I write this. She reads of the dire need for booming thunder as wide as the sky and believes the warning is hers, when it was mine. You are the messenger that prevented me from falling back in the river of pain I once knew as loneliness, I have cried my last tear into that beast.
Evening shades are drawn for private thought in a living room turned exploratory open heart soul searching surgery, a worried friend calls to remind her of obligations and trust. Sighing with a slow release gratuity, I understand the need and lean back without a push from a guiding hand. Guarding an angel is distress of having lived an entire life in a place where no one is welcome ever for any reason or season. It’s not the quest being sought, treasure to be plundered or those eyes haunting me from a computer screen, I only seek to set you free to love again, so much so I will do it for you even if you don’t pick me.
I lay in the sun under the pressure of being someone for you to see that wants to be the one only everything in the love of us, the L bomb drops and radio active waves of explosive force blast me away from the place I feel the most need to be.
Telling the tale of the how love is gained and lost, comes at cost of hope… to find it again. We determine that life is so short, I can not turn back now, but she hides many secrets unspoken that reinforces the left looking right to lie. Lies about lying and truth about everything be changeable to a certain position, turns the wheels of insanity over worrying about things only we can’t seem to comprehend in asking others. Lying is natural, telling the truth is not and has to be learned over years of lying down with what we really want someone else to think about what we need, to want our fears.
Her angelic pose is struck senseless in the epiphanies lightning strike, realizing all the selfless acts of inflicted friendly fire won’t change what we feel when it’s shared. A graceless slump tumbles over her as the multiplexed means are starting to be complicated by the dizziness of being something she can’t resist.
Heading out to the porch to get some much needed fresh air and catch the sunset, she says… If I hurt you, it will surely be double the cost for me, the price to pay is to dear to fall for a faraway voice.
A friendly time is had for awhile, going through the notions of doing and being nothing sexual or offending by the thoughts of what others might be thinking. Let us not be something that we can not control, quite right dear lady we should be civilized adults and end this evening with a drive. Then you can drop me off at my car and we will pretend like non of this ever happened, my friend. A mental shake to break denials grip is taken.

Leaving the rural road, for the highway of life they both feel much worst about feeling better, no words can fill the gaps in the music and silence is all that is heard in my head for the first time I can remember… deafening smile gives way, emotion weighs us down. So close to the edge of forever believing in love, to have the reality of circumstantial distant come between us… want travels backing down the lonely road in silent pairs.
The upward rush of blood fills my mind with visions of street lights passing by against a cloudy night sky, half moon has long risen in celebration of feelings lunar tug against her witches opinion of the magic that can only happen naturally. Slowing down to take the next exit, an old favorite starts playing sympathy, puts her foot back on the accelerator in hope that going with their common emotion can, some day, a sunny day maybe… find the means to know the facts of what it is to love her, from the inside.
I don’t pay attention to the frequent rotations of feelings from place to place, my focus is the moments caught in thinking about them. Your concentration contaminates the view, askew from the start from being left alone to listen to a lonely voice that swears it will always be your time to die. Trapped in a circus like feeling of why every man needs your breasts but not your hands, unless you using them to pleasure them. Why has the payment of the everything you knew before no longer seem like a cost, if the destination leads to something as reward for a lifetime of faith in believing others are responsible for their own fate, but not you.
Whispering hushed hum of the highway in the divided moments rush by and panic of being to far along to turn back… rises with the passing of another chance to turn off the motor and stop. Thinking of thinking what to think about thought of our thinking, broken transmission… the connection is quickly rejected. Not wanting an answer for why she needs to change, she already knows that want. How do I change how I feel about thoughts of un-whole. Miles of useless answers riddled with bulletin board holes doesn’t make the non exciting picture any more clear. Everything is the same as always and is to boring a sight to look at anymore, the puzzle analogy for a human mind is building a wall of multi-color bricks coated in the certain fears and pain of life’s experiences. Preventing you from leaving the scene of your minds mental crime against the same humanity that has forsaken you, for being yourself.

Night rolls on in front of them, anticipating a U turn of understanding… heading back for a last chance at lusty commitment they smile as the hour of midnight approaches three quarters strike. Late night air has a special scent all it’s own, misty dreams of wildflowers drifting in a sleepy breeze. Arriving where we began, intention is made aware we have only come back so she can feel what it is to have me with pride. Tedious things making for slowing our progress of contemplation, dreading the drudge that follows grounding after flying moments.

Cleaning our minds of the problems that hold us back, caution is hurled into the wind for flight of sexual freedom, running to the door, she hesitates with the keys. I wonder to myself what if… would she… should I and the lock is removed as the door opens up, the stereo she leaves on to make people think someone is there is playing our song, when the world ends. I start to realize humbling lyrics under my breath, she reaches out and I almost retract is shock… hand and fingers relaxed, walk with me.

The couch provides a comfy spot for us to focus on each other by the light of 3 black candles, one for each time she thought herself truly loved. Warily putting my arm around her I start to ask, her finger presses gentle against my lips and she said shhhhhhhh. Her breathing is heard in the 5 second skip to the next music track, shifting her legs, moaning as she collapse up against me with her head undermine, squeezing me so hard I can feel the molten skin of her cleavage heat rising up my chest. Hold me close, hold me. A faraway voice of an angel comes on and she begins to cry, years of unwanted torture come flooding from her Caribbean seas of blue. Using all my strength to surround her in my warmth, I start to caress her hair around the back top side of her head, gentle stroking back the fear, occasionally pulling in close around her neck to pause and rub my thumb on her earlobe just enough to feel it.
You look up at me pulling away slightly, I’m struck dumb for words as I dive into your eyes. So close, I can only take long stares before having to close my own, rising sensation in my whole body forces me to put both my hands on your face and say… if we do this, I can never go back to who I was before.
Raging fire is burning the hair off my skin from within, what do I do with this hunger for your passion… feed or deny? EAT ME!
I can stand it no more, leaning forward and down I crash head long into her mouth with just enough pressure to feel the strength. Breathing each others breath, my hands firmly rub down your back to take hold… a rumbling growled grunt echoes from deep in my chest, speaking to your animal instinct. Lips pushing now ease to a softer drifting top to bottom motion as tongue tips pretend to slip out for play. One arm slung low around her back pushing you over just slightly, hand supporting from the neck, I force myself in to pause and ask permission with afterthought, forgiving me with your pierced slam into my mouth, exploring without regret. Sucking on you, you know I like it, so… it’s taken away, chasing is my animal instinct, into your mouth I search, flipping, rolling twisted whistling attempt at the skill required to tie a tongue knot. I pull my hand back and around to the front, standing you up to watch your top come off, revealing the joy of desire… naked desirableness. Taking off my shirt, I can see you coming alive in the lust, eye’s searching for memories caught in perfect thought for all things given, for what you’ve gotten. Slowly removing the delicate lacy pink fern leaf pattern bra, to let it fall, my own chest heaves towards the ceiling with the rising of the temperature in my head. Dropping my smarty-pants to reveal my fully erect man-ness. Golden nipple rings speak to me in shimmers from the candles magical trance.
Kneeling before me, her eyes tracking mine to see if I’m seeing what she wants me too. Hair pulled back tight in a pony tail, trying to take hold, pushing my hand away, her finger makes a no-no-no motion and she says… not yet. Passion is rushing through my veins, grabbing for stability in the moment, using the softness of your hands… gently caressing the hair from my ankles up my legs, searching around my most private jewels. Pointy tongue sticks straight out and lifts the head, slowly pushing myself into your mouth I can feel the HEAT and the stainless steel restlessness of pierced speech. Making slow small strokes to build moister in her mouth. I throw my head back from my spine being super charged with fiery electricity causing my feet to vibrate, clinching my toes. Three strokes one short, then medium and long. Suddenly punishing herself, pushing me hard into her throat, gag reflex fails to stop the penetration as I feel signaling for me to control. Both my hands come up , sliding my fingers into you hair, giving a more than you can take. Releasing her to breath, backing up and looking at me with your me likey way. Moving quickly she puts both hands on my ass and takes control. Long strokes, short ones, one hand to control the length of me, she dives underneath and hums a song I once knew the words to. Licking and tickling my most sensitive hair, she brings me to my tiptoes, giggling turns to groans, pulling one side into mouth, working me with your other handiness. Wet riding tongue slips along the bottom to the tip, she slams onto me and I push into her to the point, the skin of my cock gathers at her lips. Leaving control behind, letting her please me at will. Flicking, licking slip and slide salvia is dripping off me, withdrawing to kneel, pulling you close to me by gently tugging your nipples, come on, come here. Closer and closer still, as you catch a breath from over working proof of needing for me inside of you. Kissing, rolling backward to flat as the stereo switches tracks. Grasping to cup each one of her excited breasts, moving forward and down I lick the skin where your arm begins and fall down around the outside, probing the rarely touched areas, underneath where no light is allowed, pulling on nipples with 3 fingers supporting grip on each to rise like mountains of delicious flesh. Laying my head to the side in-between, using your arms to increase pushing up softness… I am a wash in the warmth coming from the fire that burns within you. A kiss in the middle of your chest, I speak only two words to your heart while I’m so very close to it, no worries. Working a ways down with kisses in circles around your belly button, I can smell desire increasing the action of my fingers gently lifting the pulling on her nipple rings to stay in control. Crawling the hair of my bearded chin across your privacy bush, hiding a childish fear… dizziness sets in from being so close to her most guarded possession. I find to my surprise in her red riding hood, the maiden of pain wears a striking bolt to symbolize, I fear nothing.
Licking up the outside lip around and jumping off, for the thigh to kiss and rub before running back to the entrance of… her. Thumb on each side with my hands bracing from under each cheek, music driven tongue tangos up and down both sides, round and round occasionally dipping my tipsy whip inside a bit. Crackling comes from her feet in the air as she rotates them for stretching out the sensation of skin and muscle over bones. An arch forms around the back to the temple of clitoris that waits for me, yearns for me… with the unsealing of slippery lips into deep thoughts of virtual emptiness. Spreading her dearest possession, starting at her wise cracking smile, rolling around the rim of her never touched something of other, shaking trimmers rattle her cage. Pressing the tip of my right finger inside her sweetest spot above, riding my way up to the summit of flaming lips, you assist me, spreading butterfly wings a little wider to fly. Taking flight in the fight against perpetual lonely night, motion of my finger is joined by a second, searching for a map to a gasping spot inside. Central location, located, forming a plan for escaping the bonds of earth. Pushing the bottom sides softest part of my tongue over the top , connected to Clit from my tongue in a circle to my fingers putting pressure in a half U against your soft bone protecting the great spot from within. Sucking and pulling with lips, mustache rider gets tickles to the clit and your dancing feet speak the laughter of it. With a snickering giggle, your hands move quickly to grab my head, forcing me to do your bidding, showing me what you want, like and need… then leaving me to learn what it takes to please you, your way. Spreading her legs to the pink diamond, you grab both feet, pulling my hand up to hold her succulents high and proud. Rippling whips snap pass back and forth right through ridged muscle given to bend, pressuring the pelvic bone above the indentation, slapping the clit on the up and down stroke of my tongue. Keeping pace to her waves of pleasure, timing of the bass drives my fingers in small gyration inside, rubbing the best kept secret place of a women’s pride… no matter her exterior, inside there is always someone worth finding.
Removing my fingers and taking a deep breath, I pull apart your thighs even further stick my devil pointed probe deep inside and running the inner rim of the things she hates and loves in one thought. Pushing my tongue deep, making fucking motions as my head begins to spin from lack of oxygen, still I press on while tugging on her hood ornament. Standing up on my knees I extend my hands, taking them, I pull us both up… lets go to bed, I say. Pulling in to hug for holding a changing moment, Ok but you have to wait here for a minute.
Dropping to the couch, I watch her ass contently, seeing you put a little extra I feel you watching rump shaker in it.
Laying naked on the sofa, one hand holding myself as usual and the other half over my face… smelling the essence what’s to cum.
The stereo stops and silence steps in, fearing it like the cold dead hands of winter scrapping across ice… getting up to select another CD the door swings open and I drop to my kneeling repose at the site. Slick black leather knee high boots with heels greet my gaze, whips tassel lays inside a circle connected to the strap in hand. Twelve inches of cleavage separate two painfully suspended breasts with the nipple exposed in large rings, gold rings in her ears, gold rings though her nipples and even one through the clit. I can see security is her issue in every way.
A black velvet mask covers her face but her eyes glow with blue golden sparks from the flicker of candles. Get off your knees beggar! Follow me… scared excitement overwhelms me to drop my jaw slightly slack. Down the hall, the door way glows with the swaying of candle life, she pulls me in, away from the door and slams in shut with an authoritative squint in mind. Now… your all mine! Quivering flesh on the back of my neck rides down my side as I contemplate my own nakedness, wanting to scream, but only making a whimper, I submit. Laying on the circular apathy, music begins to play but my blind fold and hand cuffs are denying me the feel of sight… imagination come out of hiding into a fold. What is she when you are not here? How many times does she cum in a year? Does she… a single finger nail presses into the center of my chest to make a rhetorical remark. A hand slides up the inside of my thigh and wraps finger around me, why did you pick me?
For what? No sooner do the words clear my mouth… her grip tightens around my member and drags the nail up to my chin, don’t toy with me seethes between teeth! Do not come to me and tell me of the secrets of love and life and then tell me it will die one day, but go ahead try anyway?!?! You are the one who is confused my little hells angel. I lay in silence, alone in thought, the black hole of crushing density, pulling at me, what is it really worth to love at all? When the result is always the same… either you die, or it does. Your fingers remove the blind fold slowly but surely, revealing the reasons for the tears flooding the river of despair. Seeing eye, two eyes, then those I beg to hold… Mariposa you must free me from this hell, am I in love with you… is all I can think to question.
In my Jesus Christ post, restrained by my own inability to control what I do not seek too. She climbs to be my sky, everywhere over me, smiling a wicked grin for what’s known about your answer to the same question. Dropping quickly to all fours, face to face, I can see my scared reaction facing me in the flat black reflection of our iris’s. Taking off a lonely mask to reveal tears of commiseration, rubbing your cheek on mine to mix our tears of frustration, ever so close to my ear, I hear a single word spoken so faint, I can’t be sure what it was… I think it was, no… maybe.
Devastation hammers my chest, striking harder each blow, followed by silent tremors… sigh of relief hidden by a comedy of errors is blamed for what ever doesn’t fit tomorrows needs. With crackling dryness in my voice I can’t control, all this time you were worried about the love I feel from thinking of you? I am not falling in love with you is written on a brick and slid into place, she rocks back on feet and knees, taking position. Setting hood on head for riding… focusing deep, both hands on my chest… do I have your attention now? Nodding my compliance, she begins to chant an incantation from a time she knew in mind when all things fall away in a whirl wind of pain, thrown around in the centrifuge of loves misery with Mr. destiny. Left, alone, in deafening silence… my life is about my own misery and I don’t seek to add to it in the long run of life’s short time to die.
Forcing herself down the entire length of me, her eyes lids throw back exposing the animal of lusty cohabitation. Grinding salty tears into her womb, pounding on tragedies source. Pulsing flesh catches rhythm to the beat of drums, lust covers everything, scent hangs in the air like dust drifting through a still room filled with sunlight from two little round window panes. Candles strobe and wiggle, as she leaps into the air and slams down to punishing herself on me, I thrust upward to meet down stroke, the collision forces me to a place nothing has ever been before… matching her down beat, slamming against each other in bliss of not knowing lonely agony. Trading painful responses for reaction… dragging her nails across, grabbing my nipples for a snapping pinch, sending sweet electric surge to my urge. Clapping flesh smacks of her soaking me in drenching waves of flooding frictionless liquid. I’m helplessly, hopelessly falling down a spiral of air drafting upward to the stars buried below her eyes. Solar energy has to be what makes them burn so bright, furry of passion increases the speed of crashing together.
The machine of sex rides them both to beastly, grunts from groans and moans of tones to tunes, rolling bones in cartilage stew. Sweat and heat grow in lightning flash radiance, locked in a struggle to force the other to succeed there is no need for love in sexual nexus… two bodies glisten in candle watts of freedom, controlling nothing understood. Ripping off the bondage I hate most, exposing incredible full moons rising and falling. Clinching teeth gnawing on me. Piston and cam shaft rev per max red line, suspension starts to quiver and shake. Perspiration dances on her forehead of thinking sensual thoughts, silver rivers flow in jagged patterns over softest skin, dripping from the tips… to the gold hoops hanging in the atmosphere, till the ultimate moment of release, falling molten drops of lava splash me wild.
Writhing rise in the eye’s of man and women trapped in the eternal struggle to find, feel and be loved… from within. Needs and fulfillment, joy, care, compassion rolling in a giant tumble weed across a desert of painful dry lake bed of broken memories. So much pain for so little comfort, the trade off happens over again in the fist of rage, caught in the cage, built with steel opinions, baring you and me from ever being more than friends to anyone. The hammer of bodies together, pounding skin on bones, flesh to wet, nightmares flow with the seas of lonely tears. Losing the feeling of wanting to destroy herself on me, her heads leaning more forward, looking into my eyes, deeply… slowing the pace, dropping from grace. Taking the key from a locket around her neck, hanging in the valley of the shadow of breast. The bonds are removed from my wrist to feel and touch, pushing your legs out flat, rolling to the side, resting your head on my arm… whispered to you… we are not seeking to love each other, because friendship can last longer, we want to make what ever this is last forever. Revelations dizziness in the lack of oxygen, sends her to tears for all the emotions men seek to drag out, that you keep inside. Thoughts of how this man could be interested in someone not even interested in herself, how can he care for the broken, how can he be everything I ever wanted and nothing I need.
Smooth and satin reaches out, stoking your arm, heading for hair, pulling you close to hold the shivering notion of fear, installed in you… with out instruction or diagram. Hugging the heat from my skin into yours, transferring the understanding, feeling what it means to be safe and trusted, even if just for a night. Something to hold onto in times of extreme, a moment in time where it’s not about sex or love, limbs intertwined, breathing… just being.
Softness of kissing, lips enflamed with passions red, invites me to slip my tongue across them. The moan of more seeps out, twisting heads in opposite directions, licking, sucking and dueling for supremacy. Rubbing my hand down the center of your back to roll up the side, grabbing at the hip and easing flat. Never losing contact, gathering strength to climb up on my own. I raise up to kneel between yours knees and stretch for the ceiling with my massive arms, ass lifts off the bed from the want inside her. Looking her over and over, those eyes penetrating the windows to my soul, wondering what it is that drives me the need her so. Rich dark brown hair laying in a halo of delight, watching her pull the nipple rings tight, just enough to cause pain to know they are still needed.
Lifting your legs, unzipping each boot and tossing it aside, slowly rubbing the bottoms of you feet, holding onto your foundation, stroking the ankles oh so gently. Taking her own ankles from my request of handing them to over, spreading your butter fly wings wide on each side, holding you open, looking into you, desperation gathers at the entrance for a scent that is as entrancing as watching were it comes from. Putting the head right at the point where the clit begins, I slowly start to spank my cock on the ever more slippery labia. Just a little harder each time till I see her blink from the shock of beating her clit up right. The smacking sound drives me to full on, pushing down the slide just barely inside and pull out, inside and out, a little deeper each time. Leaving her hanging wide open, begging me inside… pulling me in, grabbing at me. Hot pinks and reds with a golden bolt, I push in hard, half of what I have to offer and stop… looking into her eyes leaning forward, falling toward you. Right before a fluxing brace of self sets in, I halt, face to face… we are less than lovers, and more than friends. We are sensual. As she smiles in relief for not having to give love to get it for freedom, I lift my self up and push in with everything I have. She moans so deeply it rolls her tongue like she never can. Her back arches, then rises at the midpoint, holding at the hilt… complete in the bond of knowing the other… inside and out. Rise and fall, grinding the binding from years of tension, away. Grabbing under hips and rolling forward for deeper penetration. Finding the perfect rhythm to stroke a bonfire to life. Feeling every inch on the way in, sides slide as the frictionless fluids of magical mystery dreams flows out of her, onto me. Bumping thumps force her to respond, uhh, Uhhh Oooo, pumping harder, quicker, snatching her nipples and pulling them toward me to inflict pain. Her eyes open wide with a grimacing grin to pull harder on them, I’m in control of her breasts every man wants. I’m taking advantage of my supporting position, releasing to grab the massive set of tits and squeeze them together till both nipples are close enough to put in my mouth at the same time. Leaning over, slowing, sucking the rings in between my lips. Licking up and down then round and round in sideways figure eight of infinite lust. Clawing at my back, pulling me down hard enough to force me to let go, FUCK ME! Putting my arms down and pulling legs up over my shoulder, holding in the place… the journeys end closes in, crushed together, smashing out sound waves of Morse code, an all call for sanity in chaos. Blood in my veins quickens, the buzz of exhaustion is stalking me, my breath is coming in big gusts… sweat drops from my forehead into her cleavage. Trapped under passion loves it, beating inside feels good… rising temperature of the skins pressed together everywhere possible. Eyes drift back and up, rolling at the neck, heaving her heavenly bodies into the air, hanging breasts towards her beautiful face. She grabs a breast and puts the nipple in her mouth as I slide one hand behind her neck to hold it up, before pushing into her other kinky lips.
I listen for the bass line and match it with my thrusts. UhhhhhhOoooohooooooldme shifting forward, moving my arms under her back, deep rotating hip motion drives me down her cheek, to the special area right below and behind the ear, just before the hair. It’s a mystical place… it shivers her, chills the heat and then feeds the flames. Ripples of flesh waving in the glory of thoughtless motions, sliding back and forth from vapor to visual sensations of feeling, being everywhere and nothing all at once.
The grunt rumbles from inside, she reacts, as the grunt grows growl with every stroke, I’m living the beast. Feeling the animal, loving the chase, enjoying the breasts and eating her too. Faster says more and faster away we go… candles shine in sparkles of every drop of sweat, water color motions surround me peripheral vision. I pull all the way out, up onto my knees, grabbing your right leg with my left and rolling you over to grab that beautiful round ass and pull it up close. A giggle twirl in the spin, puts her into a hand stand on all fours. Pushing open from both sides, my cock aches to be back inside, I wait for the feeling to surge even higher. Give me you hands, reaching back with both and slide all the way in, slowly. Pulling on hands for just a bit more, then arch and dive hard inside like a lesson being taught. Slamming in, dragging out, complete control forces me to corrupted aggression. Releasing my grip and grabbing with both hands at the supple hips, bouncing your ass off of me. Harder and faster, screaming for release from the blood cells of imprisoned orgasms… pulling her hair back into a pony tail, she hands it to me, tugging her head straight up. Riding like she wants it and I need it. Her flesh snaps is tiny waves just up her back a ways, my cock starts to swell at the head, keeping me inside.
Long strokes and short ones, side to side, then I place on foot up to the side and go for broken. She’s calling my name and whipping the candles into a frenzy, deep, too deep, a shock wave is rising in her, slightly losing her tempo. My mind stops working as colors coalesce in the room, sweat is stinging my sight into crystal rotating stage lights. Her back drops down, rolling up her spine into another wave. OhhmmmmMMMM UhhOommm moans of passion for being lost in the darkness of blinding light… feeling for every directions inward, convulsing rivers of thoughtless meaning explode from within me. Filling her with pride and prize to beyond capacity, twisting her head around to look at me for brief second… Don’t stop! Dizzy whizzing sounds jiggle around my heads, I give in to the moment of glorious chaos and increase to full charge as my own orgasm mixes with hers, thunderous claps of skin, smacking and spanking the moment… …Sudden collapse… …the energy is spent, falling to the side she slides down from her knees and lays kind of side ways, looking at me. Tremors of shivers travel in rivers of freedoms light, my pulse is dancing in glorious vision of watching convulsions of pleasure ripple up and down us, scratching and clawing at her chest and me behind the head for a rush of tingling something I have no words for.
Sucking in the whole room for air to feed our mind and body, she doesn’t blink… neither of us move. Breathing, staring into each other over a field of electric pink and blue sparks, between us. No words, no pictures, no puzzles or games… alone, together. I reach out after long minutes, you reach out and meet me half way. Pulling each other closer with our combined strength, to share the reflection of ourselves in each others eye’s.
Monday morning she dropped me off at the grocery store and I returned the borrowed items from the employee back room, to a bench by the front door. As I put the name tag down, I saw the owner was… Jennifer. Laughing hysterically while limping back to my car, making a grunting noise with every movement. Sitting alone in the lot, a changed man smiles at the morning sunshine from finding a willing… Sunday Lover.

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