How Much Is Too Much?  

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6/10/2006 3:59 pm
How Much Is Too Much?


I had the chance to see a small fashion show earlier this week. I know we've all seen the skinny models in magazines and the skinny actresses on tv and in movies, but trust me, it's a lot worse in person. Sure, some people may like the very thin look on a woman and that's great for you. I, on the other hand, like a woman with curves or a woman with an athletic build, or a woman who is toned, I suppose anything but a woman who is too damn skinny!

Obviously I'm in the small percentage of people who feel this way, but seeing these girls in person really got to me. It really bothered me when they came out in swimsuits and you could see the bones from their pelvis protruding above their hips. Don't give the whole excuse about the designers making small clothes because if they can make a size 0, they can make a size 8 just as easily. But no, long, skinny, and giraffe-looking women are the cool thing. Whatever.

I love cars. especially the imports with four-cylinder engines that can put down 200+ plus horsepower straight from the factory. But the tuner magazines make me mad. I want to see the car, the interior, the engine, the wheels, the stereo system, etc. But these editors just have to put a girl in every shot. I will admit that some are very attractive, but in my opinion, the car and the writing of your staff will sell the magazine. But yet again, I make of .5% of their subscribers. The writing in those mags isn't too good anyway, they all read the same. So I guess the girls do sell issues!

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