There are certain things women do that is just sexy as heck  

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12/21/2005 12:04 pm

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There are certain things women do that is just sexy as heck

I was reading somebody else's blog earlier (I apparently have way to much time on my hands with the coming holidays) and the poster listed a bunch of things that were supposed to drive a guy wild due to their inherent sexiness. The list was probably lifted from Cosmo or something like that, and most of it would get no rise from me.

The one thing that I think is sexy from her list was when a woman puts her up and holds it with a pencil (uses the pencil like a hair pin). The whole process of a woman with long hair, putting their hair up and absentmindedly grabbing the nearest long, sharp object to hold it in-place is just sexy to me.

I also like to watch women put on makeup. This is mostly the whole process of sitting at makeup table, putting on foundation, blush, eye stuff, and lipstick. You can probably tell I haven't a clue what the real words are but I find the process fascinating and really sexy.

I wonder if women find men shaving sexy? I'm one of those guys that has a plunging hairline and start shaving just below the eyes. I also have a propensity to grow a unibrow. If I didn't shave, I'd look like Cousin It in about a week. So I don't know if "Me" shaving is sexy but for others, it might be. (as an add-on...while my face gets massive growth of hair, strangely, the rest of me is pretty average hairiness...bazaar)

But back to women. There are some specifically feminine actions that really turn me on. Watching the hair in a bun thing turns me on. Watching them put on lipstick, turns me on. Other chick stuff like that, turns me on.

It's probably good that I haven't lived with a woman for a bit, or she'd know my most easily pressed button.

rm_sxonthebrain 32F

12/21/2005 12:35 pm

Just the little things guys do women find sexy as well. Ive noticed that i think its sexy/adorable when i guy checks himself out in the mirror(not overly) and then makes the nessesary adjustments to make himself attractive in his eyes.

By the way eye stuff is eye shadow.


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