A story of submission, or is it?  

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9/5/2006 1:00 pm

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A story of submission, or is it?

In your dream state you feel the presence of the IT. Slowly, you sense yourself being guided onto your back and the one then the other arm being lift above your head. Just as you begin to wake you feel cold steal clamp around your wrists, restraining your ability to turn over again.

That’s when what is happening hits you. Your bedroom is completely dark and the window is open. IT is sitting next to you on the bed. And you can’t move away. You can’t get up. You struggle and kick your legs out. You try to scream but there’s a hand over your mouth. And then you feel cold steal at your throat making you want to tremble but you lay perfectly still like prey. With wild eyes you are becoming more and more aware of what is happening and as you come back to fully awake, you break out in a cold frightened sweat.

IT doesn’t stop or hesitate. IT glides the steal from your neck, across your form, from just below your right earlobe, then down across your neck, to your left breast. With wild hysteria, you recall you still have on your nighty, so the cold appliance glides across your skin and then the thin material that protects you from further assault. You notice the steal tickles when it moves across bare skin and coldly glides over the material giving you a shiver. He runs the steal over your nipples and they are the first to betray as they harden. Running the steal over them some more, your nipples become hard rubber points as you stifle the desire to moan. The steal then runs down your body, tracing a line at the upper edge of your panties, across your pussy and then icily across your bare inner thighs. At this time you feel the first cut of fabric and identify IT’s tool. IT has brought along a pair of surgical shears–no point, the tool is rounded like grade-school safety scissors but obviously sharp as he begins the process of cutting through your nighty and panties. IT makes a single gliding cut from the edge of your nighty by your crotch, all the way to your neck. You feel the cold edge of steal against your skin running up against your body, hear the material neatly tear and then your nighty snap as the last bond of the garment is cut just below your neck. The scraps of silk are lifted off your naked top and you feel embarrassed as he gently glides his hand up and down your front. You then sense his open hand has pulled up the leading edge of your panties and a panic sets in. You start kicking your legs again hoping it will stop but he gains control of your legs. You plead but know it will be of no use. It again glides the shears through the fabric on one hip and then the other and you lay there naked.

You feel IT move up your body and notice for the first time that it is naked. IT begins to lick and nibble on your neck. It is also at this time you feel his hardness, now against your belly. IT moves further down your body so that he’s licking your chest, breasts and twirling your rock hard nipples with his tongue. Inaudibly you moan and hope IT doesn’t hear. IT moves down your belly continuing to paint your body with IT’s tongue. Moving over your pussy without touching, IT moves down between your legs to your inner thighs, planting kisses, nibbles, and licks.

By this time you’ve given up as your body swells with need. Your body is in active rebellion against you as your surrender becomes inevitable. IT begins to go down on your pussy and you feel your body take over and juices flow. All the tension of the encounter makes you buck and you can’t control your voice any longer. Anxiety, fear, your body’s rebellion, and your anger combine as a stream of expletives is released at It. After the first orgasm you feel IT move up your body again. Recalling the hardness you felt earlier, you limply let IT gently move your legs apart. And then you feel IT’s hardness at your entrance. You recover just enough mind dominion to curse him. You say, “OK you fucker, I hate you, you’ll never have me, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!” And then IT gives a gentle push and you go silent as he drives deeply inside you. You’ve been dripping since the first orgasm, and his harness slides in without effort but it sends a shockwave up and down your spine. As IT’s drives deeply inside you the betrayal of your body leaves you nearly senseless as you uncontrollably convulse. Your head and shoulders arch on the bed and your arms go rigid as you try to impale yourself over and over again on IT’s hardness. In the darkness IT pistons relentlessly as you feel another orgasm build and wash over you. You then sense IT lift up off your body, and turn you over. You find yourself limply on your belly and your arms crossed. He then lifts you ass up, leaving you totally vulnerable. You sense IT behind you then IT drives forward again. You, on your hands and knees just can’t take anymore. You plead for the assault on your body to stop, but your body has other plans. Just when it seems it can’t go on, you feel IT’s hardness grow. Sweat is pouring down your body and IT’s. IT drives it even deeper than before, touching off yet another orgasm that reaches into your soul and turns you inside out just you feel IT pulse. From It comes a flow that fills you to the brim and runs down the back of your legs.

Both you and IT slump onto the bed. IT is still inside you. As IT becomes soft, IT slides off you. IT reaches up as you begin to recover and undoes the handcuffs. As you lower your arms, IT turns over catching his breath.

For the first time, IT speaks, “Honey…we’ve got to do that more often…that was a blast roll play.”

Still catching your breath, you smile and say, “That was fun, but next time, lets not destroy any of my nighties, you brute.” And I smack at you playfully and lay my head on your shoulders. The rest of the night was spent talking, touching, and feeling.

(I wouldn'y mind a critique? And while I know this is a rough story, if the crowd demands it, I'll take it down)

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9/5/2006 1:26 pm

Never be afraid to post things! Its your blog!

Good Job


Now won't last forever, so use it wisely~c

dimplesfouryou 47F
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9/11/2006 7:21 pm

It's your space, you get to do what ya want! Besides, it was a pretty hot story!


rm_James20910 replies on 9/11/2006 9:26 pm:
Thanks for the compliment lady.

I think the hang up I have is that this is something I personally would never do. I always recall a female friend of mine from college that said all intercourse was a form of , just with varying levels of consent. That's always stuck with me and I'd never wish to confuse the issue. The story was written for a friend that wanted a story where she had diminished control.

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