100 Things about James you may or may not have known  

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9/10/2006 8:58 am

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100 Things about James you may or may not have known

1. I've been married
2. I've been divorced
3. I fly 3 days out of the week
4. I'm afraid of heights
5. I hate airports
6. god is cool
7. God's fan clubs all suck
8. One needs a little faith to go with reason
9. Big dogs are cool
10. Toy dogs are rats that wanna be wolves and are pissed off about it
11. Cats are sneaky little predators
12. A woman's neckline is sexier than bust line
13. Lennie Bruce was a f'n genius
14. There's nothing better than an honest debate
15. I have wide feet...they are like EEEE
16. Everything on my body is like EEEE
17. I might have 24 chest hairs
18. I always end up looking like Yasser Arafat when I try to grow a beard
19. I'm a classic liberal
20. I've been to Iraq three times in the past 2 years
21. Camel Spiders are the creepiest of creepy crawlies
22. I have a BS degree from college
23. I have never used 1 thing I learned in college
24. I like the Dali Lama...he's the only spiritual leader that doesn't believe in a divine being and he giggles
25. I don't buy anything made in the PRC
26. I like women
27. Most of my friends have been women
28. I know that George Bush is the worst president this country has ever elected
29. I still wonder about that 2000 election
30. I like to stroll art galleries
31. I don't mind girlie movies
32. Character counts
33. Honesty is best--there's less to remember
34. Personal honor is a gift we give ourselves
35. Always choose a kind path
36. Defining what is kind can appear to be subjective but it is not
37. I've done everything but choose to be vanilla
38. I've cheated on people I've been involved with
39. I learned there are reasons not to cheat
40. My first gig out of college was as a Private Investigator
41. I've followed and documented other people cheating on their spouses
42. I have really outstanding stories
43. I can make a crowd howl in laughter
44. I understand the subtle differences between authority, power and influence
45. My favorite coffee is a Starbucks Black Eye
46. I smoked for 20 years and have bouts when I revert.
47. I occasionally stray and smoke OPCs...other person's cigarettes
48. I say the word 'Fuck" way to much for a professional person
49. I use the word 'Groovy' in conversation
50. I can surf medium waves
51. Being OK with disappointment is the only thing I've learned as an adult
52. There are differences between men and women--not just anatomical
53. I haven't smoked weed since high school
54. I lived in San Francisco for 5 years
55. I like old things
56. My library is overflowing off the shelves at an alarming rate
57. The sexiest organ is the one between the ears
58. I know that Maryland drivers are the worst in the world
59. Maryland drivers are only surpassed as terrible drives by drivers in Connecticut
60. I daydream way to much
61. I want to run for political office
62. TSA agents are the most ridiculous people in uniform
63. I'm not afraid of terrorism
64. Most people are worthy of trust as long as you request it of them
65. Post-coital talks are the best conversations
66. Love Making is a shared experience
67. I don't get why people would be turned on when committing acts which involve humiliation or pain
68. Good love making involves sweat, noise and the making of funny faces
69. I'm a bull in china shop
70. I've had to learn to be gentle lest I break seemingly solid stuff
71. Some of my best memories about women involve smell
72. Smooth skin is more important than svelte body
73. Enthusiasm is more important than skill
74. Foreplay is my forte
75. A woman's body is supposed to have curves
76. I'm never going bald
78. I have all my original adult teeth with no cavities.
79. I love to scare myself once a day by doing something outside my comfort zone
80. I don't mind arrogance as long as it is deserved
81. I saw scary stuff in Iraq
82. I support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
83. I deplore the way our service-people have been abused by George Bush and his cabal of know-nothings
84. I've built houses with Habitat for Humanity and met Jimmy Carter
85. I'm writing two books
86. I read through a couple of books every week
87. My arch nemesis is book stores
88. I never use Kazza because their crap is filled with viruses
89. I think Kazza was a business put together by companies that sell virus protection software
90. If I get another spam email from Nigeria about how I can walk away with $millions by contributing $thousands, I will actively advocate for the nuking of Nigeria
91. I'm a conditional pacifist
92. I miss the time when the only presidential scandal involved blow jobs
93. I know that our Western values are superior to other people's values
94. Mortality sucks
95. When I kick the bucket, I want to go out as a fine pink mist
96. I know myself very well
97. My only innate skill is that I think I may be an empath
98. I have very little time for people that lack intelligence or imagination
99. Spammers, and people that write viruses and aggressive internet programs should all be decapitated and have their heads placed on pikes
100. I like myself, my style, and the path my life is going.

sexymermaid6956 64F
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9/10/2006 3:44 pm

i am with you on the lenny bruce...lol..nice way to get to know someone in the time it takes to read..well getting a glimps of you...well doen


Seduce my mind and my body

CB_2 53F

9/14/2006 4:57 am

You know, James, that is by far the most interesting 100 things post I have read on this site. I wish other people were more revealing in their lists.

Of course, you know the real reason I like you, don't you Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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